Special Notices

Special Notices
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Pyramid, Part I: The New York Years
Pyramid, Part II: The (New) $25,000 Pyramid
Pyramid, Part III: The $100,000 Pyramid
Pyramid, Part IV: 2002-2004/Foreign
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Important! Please read!

Trading Guidelines


First off, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me get my hands on some great shows from the '50's to the present. You have done me great and will not be forgotten, and I hope we can do it many more times. I’ve learned that you can make good, loyal friends and acquaintances this way. I am still looking for many shows that I'd like to get my hands on. If you are a first time trader, I'd love to add your name, e-mail address and website links, etc. to my list of other good traders out there that have worked with me.


There are some guidelines that I would like to follow and things I want to point out, so here they are:


1) First and foremost, I do not, I repeat DO NOT trade for money or any kind of currency. That is definitely a NO-NO! It is illegal, and even though God knows I need the money, I will not allow this to happen. I do not trade for money.  I do not trade for money.  I do not trade for money.  I know I typed that sentence three times, I just want to make it nice and clear. Trading for money I think is doing Goodson-Todman, Bob Stewart and the other fine producers of these shows a great disservice. I don't do this for profit. I trade because I love to watch old television shows (especially game shows) and I love to meet new people in the process. If you involve money in any way, I will ignore your e-mail.


2) I will trade with anyone from the United States or Canada.


3) Don't have any game shows on tape? Don't fret. I enjoy collecting other types of classic shows from the '70's, '80's, 90's and beyond. Maybe we can still work something out. If you are new to the trading circuit, welcome, welcome.


4) I would like to trade two hours to two hours, three to three, etc, etc., keeping it equal of course, but if there's room for bonus episodes at the end, let me know, and we can probably work something out. I usually put a little something at the end if I can, especially if we are trading for the first time.


5) Quality varies with these shows, some are in excellent quality, some are in fair quality, and some shows just plain suck in quality. Sometimes if I get a show I really want, or one that's really rare, I'll say, "great VQ!" if the quality is good, to let you know in advance. I will try to describe my best of what the quality is for certain shows, I hope you'll do the same, please, and remember sometimes shows lessen in quality a touch when they are dubbed (usually DVD to DVD this doesn’t happen). NOTE: *New*: Shows recorded from GSN after March 2004 have credits that are extremely small :( and since they’ve started cutting them off completely I don’t even waste tape or DVD space recording them, unfortunately! But I do have a good number of shows recorded from pre-2004 (and some post-2004) GSN with all, most, or some of the credits and/or fee plugs, etc. left in. Again, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


6) If you are looking for a long lost episode of a show in which your cousin or other relative was on, in most cases, I can't help you. Because most people ask for shows that are rare from daytime that unfortunately no longer exist, i.e. $20,000 Pyramid from 1976 (only three episodes exist from that year!), but don't frown just yet. If your friend or relative, for example, Susan, was on the premiere of The Joker's Wild, then I can help you that way because the first players on that episode were Ed and Susan and I have that show. Was whoever you're looking for on a panel show or was partnered with a celebrity? I may be able to help you more because all you have to do is give me the celebrity's name if you know it. Chances are, if you give me the show, the year/air date, and some good details, then I can hook you up. If I don't have it, maybe I can help steer you in the right direction or find someone who does. All I can say is that if you are in that kind of situation, the more information you give and the more specific you are, the better you might be in finding it.


7) I now have a new, much better DVD recorder/burner right now (never buy anything CyberHome, EVER!) Depending on the shows you want, I can convert them to DVD for you. So if you want to either do DVD to DVD, DVD to VHS, DVD & VHS, or still VHS to VHS, there will be no problem at all. I love getting game shows on DVD.


8) When it comes to writing on labels, I prefer that you do not, but if you do that's OK, just as long as the label is accurate to what's on the tape or DVD. That kinda saves me some extra work, so if you want to do that, it's cool with me. I usually don’t write on tapes or DVD’s for someone else usually because they have their own labeling system. Please refrain from putting paper labels on DVD's.


9) When it comes to sending VHS tapes and DVD's, I don’t care how you send it. Just as long as it gets here in one piece, it’s fine with me. Now, sometimes we have financial issues or whatever, so if you want to use Media Mail, that is perfectly acceptable. Please let me know what method you want to use, so I can know when to expect it! Usually Priority Mail takes 2 to 3 days, Media Mail takes about 7 to 8 days. Honestly, I feel that as long as the package gets here safe and sound with no problems, then everything is OK. Now if I send a package and something happens between here and there, please let me know, so if necessary I can make a replacement tape or DVD with my utmost apology. I would prefer to send on or around the same day. But, I know, stuff happens, and you may need more time to send or dub, that's fine. Please let me know and I will understand!! Just because we set a date, it doesn't mean we have to set it in stone forever.


Agree to all these terms? Then let's get started!


My email address: