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Shows R-Z

The Riddlers (David Letterman) (1 episode)

-(1977) Jo Anne Worley, Robert Urich, Joyce Bulifant, Michael McKeon, Debralee Scott vs. five dance instructors (unsold pilot made for NBC, David adds his own humorous personality to this pilot) [GSN]


Russian Roulette (Mark L. Walberg) (1 episode)

-(12/2/2002) Pamela Cohen vs. Renee Graham vs. Keith Benton vs. Garrett Brawith [GSN]


$ale of the Century (Jim Perry) (5 episodes)

1983-89; NBC Daytime

-(1983) Lynn/Joel/Janice (premiere) [OB]

-(1984) Marguerite/John/Debbie (start of winner’s board) [OC]

-(1989) Brides Week episode - Marlene/Lori/Sharon [OB]

-(1989) Final episode [SM]

1985-86; Syndicated

-(1985) Pat/Lisa/Tim [USA]


Second Chance (Jim Peck) (1 episode)

-(1976) Jack Campion vs. Maggie Brown vs. Lynn Klein (pilot #3) [SM]


Scrabble (Chuck Woolery) (6 episodes)

NBC; 1984-89

-(1984) Pilot episode [SM]

-(1984) Debbie vs. Bill [USA]

-(1984) Kimberley vs. Jason [USA]

-(1984) Shanah vs. Jeremy (Christmas/Hanukkah ep. - It’s (not) the most wonderful time of the year (yet)) [USA]

-(1987) Peter Tomarken, John Davidson, Chuck Woolery, Jamie Farr (Marc hosts for part of the show!) [OB]

NBC; 1993

-(1/18/1993) Deb vs. George [OB]


Shop 'Til You Drop (Pat Finn) (1 episode)

-(2000) Diana & Ben vs. Jessica & Elvis (GSN's 46th game show of all-time) [GSN]


Show Me The Money (William Shatner) (1 episode)

-(11/22/2006) First contestant is: Paulara Hopkins [OB-WSB]


Showoffs (Bobby Van) (1 episode)

-(11/1975) Dick Gautier, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Karen Morrow, Mike Farrell (Dr. Joyce Brothers injures herself, has a $5,000 win & ticket plug. This was the day after Thanksgiving) [SM]


Split Second (Tom Kennedy) (1 episode)

-(6/21/1975) Judd vs. Martha vs. Steve (finale) [OB]


Street Smarts (Frank Nicotero) (5 episodes)

-(11/8/2000) Oliver vs. Calvi (taped 11/1/2000, w/ bars & tone, slate, and a few slated promos!) [SM]

-(2002) Sally Struthers vs. Mary McDonough [GSN]

-(2005) Thomas vs. Randa [WGN]

-(2005) Tharam vs. Ryan [WGN

-(2005) Chenin vs. Teresa [WGN]


Strike It Rich (Joe Garagiola) (3 episodes)

-(1988) Al & Fran Williams vs. Louis & Jenny Williams (premiere) [OC-KTVT]

-(1988) Frisbee & Crisby vs. Meg Wright & Don Estes [OC-WVEU]

-(1988) Andy & Denise Wright vs. Steve Harris & Marion -- [OC]


Stumpers (Allen Ludden) (2 episodes)

-(10/4/1976) Robert Reed, Dick Gautier (premiere, Tom Kennedy drops by to wish Allen Luck) [OB]
-(12/31/1976) Bill Bixby,  Anita Gillette (finale, Allen always sets the standard for a classy farewell) [OB]


Supermarket Sweep (David Ruprecht) (1 episode)

-(1994) Geo Trackers with 2 teams of three [PAX]


Supermarket Sweep (Tino Monte) [Canada] (1 episode)

-(1995) Cheryl & Michele vs. Paul & Tracy vs. Ivy & Barbara (contestant plug; checkout stand crash!) [PRIME]


Super Pay Cards (Art James) (1 episode)

-(1981) Jeannette vs. Martin [SM]


Tattletales (Bert Convy) (25 episodes)

(1974-78); CBS Daytime:

-(2/18/1974) Bobby Van & Elaine Joyce, Dick Gautier & Barbara Stewart, Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara (premiere) [GSN]

-(2/1974) Bill & Ann Cullen, Chuck Woolery & Jo Ann Pflug, Betty White and Allen Ludden [GSN]

-(2/1974) another one with: Bill & Ann Cullen, Chuck Woolery & Jo Ann Pflug, Betty White & Allen Ludden (Betty and Allen don't score anything on this episode!) [GSN]

-(4/1974) Steve Allen & Jayne Meadows, Jo Anne Worley & Roger Perry, Jack and Doe Narz [GSN]**

-(4/1974) Orson & Carolyn Bean, Bobby Van & Elaine Joyce, Alejandro Rey [GSN]

-(1974) Gavin & Patti MacLeod, Betty White & Allen Ludden, Marjorie & Pat Harrington (John Harlan announces) [GSN]

-(1974) Ken & Jackie Berry, Bobby Van & Elaine Joyce, Jack & Roxanne Carter [GSN]

-(7/1974) Betty White & Allen Ludden, Claire & Scoey Mitchell, Jill & Joe Campanella [GSN]

-(12/1974) Marcy Lafferty & William Shatner, Alana & George Hamilton, Claire & Scoey Mitchlll (GSN's 43rd game show of all time) [GSN]

-(10/1975) Dennis & Micki James, Jamie & Joy Farr, Frank & Eva Gabor [GSN]

-(11/7, 10-13, 1975) Tom & Jean Bosley, Willie & Babbs Shoemaker, BernNadette Stennis & Tom Fauntleroy (5 episodes, one with a 3-way tie, another one has all three couples getting two questions wrong in a row) [GSN]

-(1976) Gail & Whitman Mayo, Carolyn & Orson Bean, Sandy & Wink Martindale [GSN]

-(1976) Patty Weaver & Larry Stewart vs. Ann & Bill Cullen, Dorothy Jo & Bob Barker [GSN]

-(1976) Bob & Dorothy Jo Barker, Jack & Doe Narz, Richard Dawson [GSN]

-(1977) Charles Nelson Reilly, Phyllis Diller, Anne Meara & Jerry Stiller [GSN]

(1982-84); CBS Daytime:

-(1982) Jenilee Harrison & Jeff Seiberson, Marcy & William Shatner, Anna & Gordon Jump [GSN]

-(1982) CBS Soap Week episode - Jerry Douglas & Deborah Adair (The Young and the Restless), Frank Runyon & Meg Ryan (As The World Turns), Bill Byer & Leslie Graves (Capitol) [GSN]

-(1983) Joy & Jamie Farr, Rene & Irene Enriquez, Jim & Kitty Moffett (contains a PYL promo!) [OC]

-(1983) Lynn Redgrave, Bill Daily, Grant Goodeve (Christmas episode) [GSN]

-(4/1984) Gerry Cook & Bonnie Urseth, Tom & Kay Poston, Toni Laudermilk & Roger E. Mosley (Bert does his own imitation of the “Psycho” theme) [GSN]

Tattletales (Gene Rayburn) (3 episodes)

-(6/9 & 10/1974) Bert & Anne Convy, Jo Anne Worley & Roger Perry, and Donna & Harvey Korman (Days 1-2) [GSN]

-(9/10/1975) Bert & Anne Convy, Bobby Van & Elaine Joyce, Bob & Dorothy Jo Barker (Tuesday ep of Emcee Week) [GSN]


Tattletales (Bob Barker) (2 episode)

-(9/11/1975) Bobby Van & Elaine Joyce, Bert & Anne Convy, Gene & Helen Rayburn (Wednesday ep of Emcee Week) [GSN]

-(1976) Jack & Doe Narz, Bert & Anne Convy, Richard Dawson & Jody Donovan [GSN]


Tattletales (Bobby Van) (1 episode)

-(9/12/1975) Bert & Anne Convy, Bob & Dorothy Jo Barker, Gene & Helen Rayburn (Thursday ep of Emcee Week) [GSN]


Tattletales (Jack Narz) (1 episode)

-(1976) Bert & Anne Convy, Bob & Dorothy Jo Barker, Richard Dawson & Jody Donovan [GSN]


Tattletales (Richard Dawson) (1 episode)

-(1976) Bob & Dorothy Jo Barker, Bert & Anne Convy, Jack & Doe Narz [GSN]


Three On A Match (Bill Cullen) (2 episodes)

-(3/15/1973) Joan vs. Bob vs. Joanne (show #403, taped 2/14/1973) [SM]

-(2/7/1974) Fred vs. Marilyn vs. John (still) [OC]


Tic Tac Dough (Wink Martindale) (13 episodes)

-(9/1979) Episode #B-002 – Phyllis vs. Ken [GSN]

-(9/1979) Episode #B-003 – Ken vs. Barbara [GSN]

-(9/1979) Episode #B-004 – Barbara vs. Tom [GSN]

-(9/1979) Episode #B-005 – Barbara vs. Margie (this may be future sitcom writer Margie Peters) [GSN]

-(11/1979) Mike @ The Dragon (Wink mispronounces orangutan!) [GSN]

-(11/1979) Mike vs. Gary [GSN]

-(10/1980) Thom McKee vs. Stan [GSN]

-(10/1980) Thom McKee vs. Gloria (Thom McKee's second to last show, GSN's 32nd game show of all time) [GSN]

-(10/1980) Thom McKee vs. Erik (Thom retires with $312,700) [GSN]

-(1983) Penny vs. Gina [OC]

-(1984) Rene vs. Bartha [GSN]

-(1985) Victoria vs. David (car win) [GSN]

-(5/1985) Gisele vs. Bonnie (Wink’s unannounced final show) [GSN]


Truth or Consequences (Bob Barker) (1 episode)

-(1956) Bob’s first show and his television debut [KIN]


Trivial Pursuit: America Plays (Christopher Knight) (6 episodes)
-(9/22/2008) Chris vs. Dave vs. Kimberly [OC-WPCH]
-(9/23/2008) Karyn vs. Rick vs. Linda [OC-WPCH]

-(10/2008) Episode #11 – Amy/Scott/Lauren [WPCH]

-(10/2008) Episode #12 – Rob/Jessica/Sam [WPCH]

-(10/2008) Episode #26 – Sid/Lauren/David [WPCH]

-(10/2008) Episode #27 – Allison/Dan/Jenn [WPCH]


Treasure Hunt (Geoff Edwards) (3 episodes)

-(1973) 1st Game: Sharon [GSN]

-(1974) 1st Game: Celia [GSN]

-(1974) 1st contestant: Rose (GSN's 49th game show of all time; $25,000 win!) [GSN]


Trivia Unwrapped (Marc Summers) (1 episode)

-(2003) Joyce vs. Steve vs. Chris [FOOD]


Twenty-One (Maury Povich) (2 episodes)

-(1/19/2000) Premiere episode [GSN]

-(2000) 1st contestant: Rahim Oberholtzer (who wins $1,060,000!!) [GSN]


Twisters (Jim Perry) (1 episode)

-(1982) Unsold Pilot with shuffleboard-type set; first King of the Hill is Meme; theme kinda sounds like Blankety Blanks '75  [GSN]


Two For The Money (Herb Shriner) (7 episodes)

-(1955) first contestants – Mrs. Colette Olston & Mr. Earl Wheeler [GSN]

-(1955) first contestants – Mr. Thomaston Decey & Ms. Mary Mattingley [GSN]

-(1955) first contestants – Ms. Katherine Decker & Mr. Abe Steinberg [GSN]

-(1955) first contestants – Mr. Amy Condrow, Mr. Lawey Rosso, Mr. Leo Bagley, Mr. Bill Hoffman [GSN]

-(1955) first contestants – Ms. Nana K. & Mr. Butch McDonald (Thanksgiving episode) [GSN]

-(1955) first contestants – Mrs. Anne Pastor & Ms. Pat Peacock (New Year’s Eve episode) [GSN]

-(12/1955) first contestants – the 7 Kimmerman sisters (Christmas episode) [GSN]


Two For The Money (Sam Levenson) (2 episodes)

-(1957) first contestants – Mr. Dixon & Ms. Maddox [GSN]

-(3/1957) first contestants – Lt. Colonel & Ms. Reed Richards (Ed McMahon’s first episode as announcer) [GSN]


Weakest Link (Anne Robinson) (13 episodes)

-(2000) Contestants: Elizabeth, Lance (who looks like Abe Lincoln), Mark, Brett, Chris, Kira, Jenny, Chuck (premiere) [GSN]

-(2000) Contestants: Traci, Tim, Michael, Suzy, Mike, Jenna, Doug, Amanda [GSN]

-(2000) Contestants: Gordon, Angela, Pam, Willliam, Daniel, Debra, Woogie, Ellen [GSN]

-(2001) Contestants: Faddah, Jennifer, Robert, Teri, Brynne, Tricia, Bubba, Huaiyu [GSN]

-(2001) Contestants: Nathan, Julie, Brenda, Mary, Aaron, Greg, Kristyn, Marcus [GSN]

-(2001) Contestants: Candice (says “Mary” for each answer), Dennis, Nick, Scot, Yvonne, Helen, Andrea, Brad [GSN]

-(2001) Maureen McCormick, Susan Olsen, Christopher Knight, Eve Plumb, Robbie Rist, Mike Lookinland, Florence Henderson, Barry Williams (Brady Bunch ep.) [GSN]

-(2002) Elvis Impersonators episode [GSN]

-(2002) Rap Stars episode (The rap stars can‘t help but insult Anne‘s outfit...) [GSN]

-(4/7/2002) Playboy Playmates’ episode [GSN]

-(2002) World Record Holders [GSN]

-(2002) Star Trek Edition [GSN]

-(2002) High School Edition (In one round $102k is banked!) [GSN]


Weakest Link (George Gray) (37 episodes)

$75,000 is the top amount:

-(2002) Premiere episode; Contestants: Alex, Elizabeth, Shelli, Clint, Ken, Mame [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Laurie, Lisa, Jessica, Robert, Michael, Greg [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Angela, Cheri, Shirl, Michael, Forrest, Brent [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Barbara, Todd, Malia, Marshall, Yvonne, Joe [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Charis, Dolly, Don, Kristi, Beverly, Glenn [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Gerald, Norman, Anton, Korey, Glenda, Leah [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Margaret (the worst player I’ve ever seen), Mike, Lisa, Franklyn, Poj, Terri [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Mike, Spike, Hope, Maria, Kerry, Eric [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Sean, Suzanne, Bob, Mike, Byonka, Ada (In rounds 2 and 3, the top amounts are reached!) [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Sarah, Vicki, Andrew, Gino, Vanessa, Maynard [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Jeff, Donald, Tremeca, Elaine, Lisa, Steve [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Katherine, James, Larry, Sonny, Shane, Wendy (Radio personalities) [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Ed, Scotty, Dave, Julie, Shelley, Diane [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Keith, Lee, Mary, Michael, Laura, Steve (Deliverers editon) [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Theo, Elaine, Jimmy, Jason, Sue, Gerald [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Rocki, Aaron, Barb, Phil, Ken, Heather (Big losers ep.) [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Emily, Patty, Gabe, Nicholas, Kirk, Denise [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Lara, Phil, Anita, Alisa, Randall, Davis [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Corey, Paige, Gaither, Patrick, Susan, Barbara [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: David, Brent, Kimmerly, Rusty, Mary, Lisa [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Zach, Ray, Lucy, Robin, Jim, Amanda (George imitates Anne; GSN's 22nd game show of all time) [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Edward, Susan, Lystra, Mark, Melissa, Jeff (all-Lawyer edition) [GSN]

$100,000 is the top amount:

-(2002) Contestants: David, Lori, Jermaine, Jeff, Diane, Mehala [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Kirsten, Vista, Matt, Valdemar, Gin, Brent [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Leechia, Mark, Wyman, Donna, Matthew, Anne [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Pamela, Erin, Dwight, Michael, Jared, Laura [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Troy, Martin, Brett, Sarah, Elle, Cathy [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Nathan, Vanessa, Melissa, Marvin, Chad, Jane [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Regene, Kathy, Jorin, Chuck, David, Lisa [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Jennifer, Vikki, Meredith, Mark, Rob, Michael [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Victoria, Andy, Brad, Beth, Kim, Reggie [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Joe, Lynnette, Andy, Cindy, Ira, Marci [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: A.C., Alina, Ralph, Marilyn, Angelie, Robert [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Sonny, Matt, Kristina, Sean, Myletta, Heather [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Eugene, Jennifer, David, Rick, Margo, Sarah [GSN]

-(2002) Contestants: Nicole, Sam, Jane, Jesse, Randi, Guy [GSN]


 We’ve Got Your Number (1 episode)

-(5/13/1975) Unsold Pilot B (has fancy set and $20k bonus prize) [KIN]


What’s Going On? (Lee Bowman) (2 episodes)

-(12/12/1954) Kitty Carlisle, Susie Oakland, Cliff Norton [GSN]

-(12/19/1954) Hy Gardner, Audrey Meadows, Gene Raymond (Christmas, Kitty sings carols w/glee club) [GSN]


Whew! (Tom Kennedy) (6 episodes)

-(1979) Melissa vs. Tony, $25,350! [OB]

-(1979) Howard @ Gauntlet of Villains [OB]

-(1979) Howard vs. Alan [OB]

-(1979) Howard Wilson takes over, he finally wins $32,750! (clip) [OB]

-(8/28/1979) Pat @ Gauntlet of Villains (this marks Randy Amasia’s first appearance) [SM]

-(8/29/1979) Randy @ Gauntlet of Villains (Randy Amasia wins $25,000!) [SM]

-(1980) “Celebrity Whew!” Betty White, Jon Saxon [OB]


Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Clive Anderson) (2 episodes)

-(1998) Greg Proops, Brad Sherwood, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles [COM]

-(1998) Greg Proops, Catherine O’Hara, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles [COM]


Whose Line Is It Anyway (Drew Carey) (2 episodes)

-(2004) Wayne Brady, Chip Esten, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles [ABC]

-(2004) Greg Proops, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles [ABC]


Win, Lose, or Draw (Bert Convy) (7 episodes)

-(1987) Betty White, Annie Potts, Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLouise (from premiere week!) [GSN]

-(1987) Jane Withers, Patsy Garrett, Jon Moschitta, Avery Schriber [2 eps; second one has intro cutoff] [GSN]

-(1987) Dick Van Patten, Marsha Warfield, etc. [GSN]

-(1988) Episode with Dick Van Patten and Norman Fell [GSN]

-(1988) Melba Moore, Judy Evans, Michael Winslow, Dick Clark [GSN]

-(1988) Sally Struthers, Anne Marie Johnson, Marc Price, Clifton Davis (at Walt Disney World in Orlando; Bert falls in the water at the beginning) [GSN]


Winning Streak (Bill Cullen) (1 episode)

-(8/9/1974) Paul @ Bonus Round (only episode known to exist) [GSN]


Winner Take All (Bill Cullen) (1 episode)

-(2/25/1952) Miriam vs. Elaine (Bill Cullen’s first episode) [GSN]


Wipeout (Peter Tomarken) (6 episodes)

-(11/1988) Maggie Brown (of PYL, Second Chance, and Blank Check) vs. Marshall vs. Matthew [OB]

-(1988) Cynthia vs. John vs. Donna [OB]

-(1988) Tina vs. John vs. Tom [OB]

-(1988) John vs. Chris vs. Lisa [OB]

-(1988) Paula vs. Chris vs. Paul [OB]

-(1989) Tammy vs. Arthur vs. Adrienne [OB]


You Bet Your Life (Groucho Marx) (2 episodes)

-(1954) Secret word is “chair” (promo for the 1955 Plymouth DeSoto) [WCTV]

-(1961) Secret word is "skin" [WCTV]


You Don’t Say! (Tom Kennedy) (1 episode)

-(10/17/1975) Conny Van Dyke, Rex Reed, Larry Hovis, June Lockhart (w/slate) [SM]


You Don't Say (Jim Peck) (2 episode)

-(recorded 8/5/1978) Charlie Brill, Conny Van Dyke, Nipsey Russell, Dick Gautier (w/slate) [SM]

-(1978) Charlie Brill, Dick Gautier, Ann Elder [WPIX]


Your Number’s Up (Nipsey Russell) (2 episodes)

-(9/23/1985) Lea vs. Mary vs. Doug (premiere) [OB]

-(1985) Linda vs. Ralph vs. Debbie [OB]