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Higher stakes... 


(Dick Clark) (313 episodes)

-(9/13/1985) Vicki Lawrence, Brian Mitchell ($10,000 win!) [GSN]

-(9/1985) Betty White, Nathan Cook (Dick screws up a car plug) [USA]

-(9/23/1985) Betty White, Nathan Cook ($25,000 win!) [GSN]

-(10/15/1985) Florence Henderson, Ed Begley, Jr. ($10,000 win!) [GSN]

-(10/1985) Patty Duke, David Graf (a clip of David playing on $20k Pyramid as a contestant with Patty is shown) [USA]

-(11/1985) Shelley Smith, Henry Polic II ((first) Tournament episode, first $100,000 win!) [GSN]

-(11/25/1985) Markie Post, Levar Burton ($10,000 win!) [GSN]

-(12/6/1985) Teresa Ganzel, Nipsey Russell ($10,000 win!) [GSN]

-(12/11/1985) Didi Conn, Howard Morton ($10,000 win in 34 seconds!) [GSN]

-(1/21/1986) Vicki Lawrence, Dick Cavett ($10,000 win!) [GSN]

-(1/1986) Jackee Harry, Earl Holliman [GSN]

-(2/4-6/1986) Markie Post, Brian Mitchell (Tournament, 3 episodes) [GSN]

-(2/7/1986) Markie Post, Brian Mitchell ($100,000 win) [GSN]**

-(4/7/1986) Annie Bloom, Jamie Farr ($10,000 win!) [GSN]

-(5/5-9/1986) Mary Cadorette, David Graf (Tournament, 5 episodes, 5th ep. has $100k win) [GSN]

-(8/11/1986) Rita Moreno, Ken Kercheval ($10,000 win! Future "Golden Girls" writer and "Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry is a contestant!) [GSN]

-(9/1/1986) Florence Henderson, Terry Lester ($10,000 win!) [GSN]

-(9/8, 10-12/1986) Teresa Ganzel, Howard Morton (Tournament, 4 episodes) [GSN]

-(9/15-18/1986) Audrey Landers, Charlie Siebert (Tournament cont’d, 4 episodes, 4th ep. has $100k win) [GSN]

-(9/19/1986) Audrey Landers, Charlie Siebert (Friday episode of above week, $10,000 win) [GSN]

-(9/1986) Meg Bennett, Nipsey Russell (4 eps, 2nd and 4th have $10k wins, Nipsey recites poems on every show) [GSN]

-(9/29-30, 10/2-3/1986) Jo Anne Worley, Henry Polic II (4 episodes, 3rd has both WC’s won) [GSN]

-(10/1986) Adrienne Barbeau, Brian Mitchell (2 episodes, second has $10,000 win) [GSN]

-(10/1986) LeAnn Hunley, Stuart Damon (2 episodes) [GSN]

-(11/3-7/1986) Shelley Smith, LeVar Burton ((fifth) Tournament week, 5 episodes, 4th has $100k win) [GSN]

-(11/1986) Mary Cadorette, Barry Jenner ($25k win) [GSN]

-(11/1986) Mary Cadorette, Barry Jenner (2 other episodes, one has $10k win) [GSN/96]

-(11/1986) Susan Ruttan, Don Galloway (2 episodes) [GSN]

-(11/1986) Anita Gillette, Howard Morton (3 episodes) [GSN]

-(12/1-5/1986) Teresa Ganzel, Nathan Cook (5 episodes, on the 3rd Teresa uses a “classic” Didi Conn clue!) [GSN]

-(12/8-12/1986) Meg Bennett, Henry Polic II (5 episodes, 3rd has $10,000 win) [GSN]

-(12/15-19/1986) Abby Dalton, Jamie Farr (5 episodes, 1st has $10k win) [GSN]

-(1/5-9/1987) Constance McCashin, Richard Kline (5 episodes, $10k win on 1st, both WC’s won on 3rd) [GSN]

-(1/12-16/1987) Melody Thomas-Scott, David Graf (5 episodes, $10k win on the 1ST & both WC’s won on 5th) [GSN]

-(1/22-23/1987) Adrienne Barbeau, Barry Jenner ((sixth) Tournament Week, 2 episodes) [GSN]

-(1/26/1987) Lauri Hendler, Stuart Pankin ((sixth) Tournament Cont’d, $100k win, Monday episode) [GSN]

-(1/27/1987) Lauri Hendler, Stuart Pankin (Tuesday episode) [GSN]

-(1/1987) Laurie Hendler, Stuart Pankin (Stuart plugs the then new film “Fatal Attraction”) [GSN]

-(2/2, 5-6/1987) Heidi Bohay, Robert Hegyes ($10k win on the 1st, 3 eps) [GSN]

-(2/9-13/1987) Vicki Lawrence, Charlie Siebert (5 eps, one has $10k win; Friday, Vicki has had enough and leaves!) [GSN]

-(2/16-19/1987) Lois Nettleton, Nipsey Russell (5 eps, Dick learns that clams have feet, also one has a $10k win) [GSN]

-(2/22-26/1987) Jenny O’Hara, Jamie Farr (5 episodes, 2nd has a really CLOSE $10k win) [GSN]

-(3/30, 4-2/1987) Mary Cadorette, Nathan Cook (5 episodes, 15th anniversary, they show a growing list of every star who’s played since ‘73, the 1st episode has a $10k win, 3rd has both WC’s won, 4th has last sec. $25k win) [GSN]

-(4/5-7/1987) Meg Bennett, Don Galloway (4 episodes, Fri. has 2 $10k wins) [GSN]

-(4/13-17/1987) Martha Smith, Dick Cavett (5 episodes, one has a $10k win, on Friday, Dick is buzzed *3* times in the winner's circle!) [GSN]

-(4/20-23/1987) Ilene Graff, Terry Lester ((seventh) Tournament, 4 episodes) [GSN]

-(4/27-30, 5/1/1987) Millicent Martin, Robert Hegyes ((seventh) Tournament (cont'd), 5 episodes) [GSN]

-(5/4-5/1987) Linda Kelsey, Henry Polic II ((seventh) Tournament (cont'd) $100k win on 2nd ep!, 2 eps) [GSN]

-(5/6-8/1987) Linda Kelsey, Henry Polic II (3 episodes of above week, tournie is over now, regular game is resumed, one ep has a $10k win!) [GSN]

-(5/11-15/1987) Clifton Davis, Adrienne Barbeau (5 episodes, 3rd and 4th eps have $10k wins!) [GSN]

-(5/18-22/1987) Edie McClurg, Paul Kreppel (5 episodes, 1st  episode has a $10k win!) [GSN]

-(6/1-5/1987) Susan Ruttan, Soupy Sales (5 episodes, 3rd episode has a $10k win, this is the last week of the second season) [GSN]

-(8/17/1987) Lynn Herring, Paul Kreppel (first episode of third season) [GSN]

-(8-9/1987) Lois Nettleton, Nipsey Russell (4 episodes, two eps have $10k wins) [GSN]

-(9/7-11/1987) Shelley Smith, Barry Jenner ((eighth) Tournament, 5 episodes; $100,000 win on episode 5) [GSN/100k:987-1]

-(9/14-18/1987) Betty White, David Graf (5 episodes, $10,000 win on episode 1) [GSN/100k:987-1/2]

-(9/21-24/1987) Teresa Ganzel, Nathan Cook (5 episodes, on episode 2 there is a $10,000 win, though the $25k graphic flashes by mistake, but there is a $25,000 win on episode 5) [GSN/100k:987-2/3]

-(9/27-30, 10/1-2/1987) Gladys Knight, Smokey Robinson (5 episodes) [GSN/100k:987-3/1087-1]

-(10/5-9/1987) Martha Smith, Earl Holliman (5 episodes, $10,000 wins on the first two) [GSN/100k:1087-1]

-(10/12-16/1987) Ilene Graff, Henry Polic II (5 episodes, $10,000 win on episode 2) [GSN]

-(10/19-23/1987) Lynn Herring, Charlie Siebert (5 episodes, blind contestants week, $10,000 win on episode 1, $25,000 win on episode 4) [GSN]

-(10/26-30/1987) Adrienne Barbeau, Don Galloway (5 episodes, $10,000 win on episode 2) [GSN]

-(11/2-6/1987) Markie Post, Brian Mitchell ((Ninth) Tournament week, 5 episodes) [GSN]

-(12/2-5/1987) Shelley Smith, Soupy Sales (4 episodes, $10,000 win on episode 1) [GSN]

-(12/8-12/1987) Marcia Wallace, Michael Spound ($10,000 win on episode 2!) [GSN]

-(12/15-19/1987) Teresa Ganzel, Joel Brooks (5 episodes, $10,000 win on episode 1!) [GSN]

-(1/4-8/1988) Adrienne Barbeau, Charlie Siebert (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(1/11-14/1988) Robin Riker, Dick Cavett (4 episodes) [GSN]

-(1/17-21/1988) Audrey Landers, Nathan Cook ((Tenth) Tournament week, 5 episodes, $100,000 win on episode 2) [GSN]

-(1/25-28/1988) Jo Anne Worley, Stuart Damon (4 episodes, $10,000 win on episode 1!) [GSN]

-(1/31-2/4/1988) Patty Duke, David Graf (5 episodes, $10,000 win on episode 2, $25,000 win on episode 3, trilon category “fallout” on episode 5!) [GSN]

-(2/7-11/1988) Susan Ruttan, Terry Lester (5 episodes, $10,000 win on episode 1) [GSN]

-(2/14-18/1988) Melanie Wilson, David Naughton (5 episodes, trilon category “fallout” on episode 1!) [GSN]

-(2/22-26/1988) Shelley Smith, Stuart Pankin (5 episodes, $25,000 win on episode 4) [GSN]

-(2/29-3/4/1988) Martha Smith, Henry Polic II (5 episodes, $10,000 win on episode 5) [GSN]

-(3/7-11/1988) Crystal Bernard, Tom Villard (5 episodes, $10,000 win on episode 1) [GSN]

-(3/14-18/1988) Teresa Ganzel, Nathan Cook (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(3/21-24/1988) Robin Riker-Hasley, Earl Holliman (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(3/28-31, 4/1/1988) Ilene Graff, David Garrison (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(5/16-20/1988) Lois Nettleton, Nipsey Russell (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(5/23-28/1988) Constance McCashin, Soupy Sales (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(5/31, 6/1-4/1988) Mary Cadorette, Howard Morton (3 episodes) [GSN]

-(6/7-11/1988) Meg Bennett, John Moschitta, Jr. (5 episodes) [GSN/100k:6-88/1]

-(6/14-18/1988) Martha Smith, Soupy Sales (5 episodes) [GSN/100k:6-88/1/2]

-(8/1988) Lynn Herring, Barry Jenner [GSN]

-(8/1988) Michael Spound, Heidi Bohay [GSN]

-(8/1988) Teresa Ganzel, Henry Polic II (from the final week) [GSN]



(John Davidson) (9 episodes)

-(1/7/1991) Vicki Lawrence-Shultz, Clifton Davis (premiere, w/a pretaped good luck message by Dick Clark at the beginning from the set of "The Challengers") [OB]

-(1/14/1991) Betty White, Tom Villard ($10,000 win! First category is about Betty!) [OB, some OC]

-(3/4, 6/1991) Jo Anne Worley, Leonard Maltin (2 episodes, Henry Polic II announces) [OB]

-(3/13/1991) Lois Nettleton, Jamie Farr (Henry Polic II announces) [OB]

-(3/28/1991) Patty Duke, David Graf ($25,000 win!) [OB]

-(4/12/1991) Robin Riker, Clifton Davis ((second) Tournament, $100k win) [OB]

-(9/9/1991) Lynn Redgrave, Jason Alexander (second season premiere, first episode with monitors on the main game pyramid, episode is dedicated to Tim Butler) [OB]

-(9/16/1991) Beth Maitland, Michael Corbett ($10,000 win! First category is about The Young and the Restless!) [OC-WNBC]

-(12/6/1991) Adrienne Barbeau, Jason Alexander ((fifth) tournament episode and last ep.) [OB]