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No whammies... no whammies... STOP!

(93 episodes)


-(1983) PILOT! - Jack vs. Maggie vs. Matt (now with better video) [SM]

-(9/19/1983) Premiere episode; Lana vs. Linda vs. Phil [OB-KPIX]

-(1983) Robert vs. Jim vs. Terry [OC]

-(11/3/1983) Janis vs. Dave vs. Ted** (the infamous passing game) [USA]

-(12/22/1983) Christmas Episode; Nancy vs. Tracy vs. Pierre [USA]

-(12/26/1983) Carlotta vs. Tracy vs. Steve [OC]

-(2/24/1984) Gilbert vs. Lorri vs. Darlene [GSN]**

-(2/27/1984) Mac vs. Gilbert vs. Rachele (Whammy-free) [GSN]

-(2/29/1984) Mac vs. Kevin vs. Margaret [GSN]
-(3/1/1984) Bob vs. Kathy vs. Margaret [GSN]
-(3/2/1984) Kathy vs. Jane vs. Andres [GSN]
-(3/3/1984) Joyce vs. Kevin vs. Andres [GSN]
-(3/4/1984) Kay vs. Lee vs. Andres [GSN]

-(3/29/1984) Diana vs. Gregg vs. Julio [GSN]

-(3/30/1984) Julio (who dances to the ‘Michael Jackson’ Whammy) vs. Mae vs. Harris [GSN]

-(4/2/1984) Karen vs. Rich vs. Mae (Karen from the intros!) [GSN]

-(4/3/1984) Sue vs. Karen vs. Bill (Karen wants that pool table!) [GSN]

-(4/5/1984) Richard vs. Karen vs. Jimmy [GSN]

-(4/9/1984) Kathy vs. Joanne vs. Greg (board is frozen for most of round two) [GSN]

-(5/7/1984) June vs. Scot vs. Veronica (Whatever you do, DON'T mess with Veronica) [GSN]

-(5/18/1984) David vs. Becky vs. Paul [GSN]

-(6/6/1984) David vs. Vicki vs. Sue Ellen [GSN]

-(6/8/1984) Ed vs. Michael vs. Janie (Michael Larsen episode pt. 1) [GSN]

-(6/11/1984) Ed vs. Michael vs. Janie (Michael Larsen episode pt. 2) [GSN]

-(6/12/1984) Mike vs. Jo vs. Jeffie (the day after Michael Larson's nailbiting game!) [GSN]

-(6/1984) Wes. vs. Reva vs. Sandi [GSN]

-(6/1984) Cameron vs. Cynthia vs. Brad [GSN]

-(7/5/1984) Greg vs. Laurie vs. Shannon [GSN]

-(7/23/1984) Gene Snyder vs. Carol vs. Nancy [GSN]

-(7/24/1984) Gene Snyder vs. Joy vs. Bob [GSN]

-(7/25/1984) Aaron vs. Nyna vs. Nancy [GSN]

-(7/31/1984) Eric vs. Ozzie vs. Chandra (first show of new patterns and faster board; TEN whammies hit!) [GSN]

-(8/1/1984) Rich vs. Eric vs. Adrianna (ELEVEN whammies hit! $0 win!) [GSN]

-(8/2/1984) Jim vs. Eric vs. Toni (debut of Pole Vaulting Whammy!) [GSN]

-(8/3/1984) Alpha vs. Gerald vs. Natalie [GSN]

-(8/6/1984) Alpha vs. Cheryl vs. Tim [GSN]

-(8/7/1984) Cheryl vs. Craig vs. Linda [GSN]

-(8/8/1984) Craig vs. DeAnn vs. Sandy [GSN]

-(8/10/1984) Randy vs. Lori vs. Cathy (Lori/Cathy spin battle; $31,000+ loss to a Whammy) [GSN]

-(8/13/1984) Lori vs. James vs. Beverlie Peters [GSN]

-(8/14/1984) Beverlie Peters vs. Ernie vs. Susan [GSN]

-(8/15/1984) Cindy vs. David vs. Ernie (board sound #3 starts) [GSN]         

-(8/16/1984) Vicki vs. Ernie vs. Kevin [GSN]

-(8/17/1984) Kevin vs. Mark vs. Sonya (Kevin plays against the house) [GSN]

-(8/20/1984) Eleanor vs. Steve vs. Ted [GSN]

-(8/21/1984) Jeff vs. Laura vs. Steve [GSN]

-(8/22/1984) Heidi vs. Jeff vs. Bill [GSN]

-(8/23/1984) Sheree vs. John vs. Bill (Rod Roddy appears at the beginning) [GSN]

-(8/24/1984) John vs. Tami vs. Kris [GSN]

-(8/27/1984) Susan vs. Brett vs. Kristina [GSN]

-(8/28/1984) Susan vs. Todd vs. Carol (Carol gets 4 whammies in a row) [GSN]

-(9/19/1984) Judy vs. Laura vs. Tom (John Harlan announces) [GSN]

-(10/31/1984) Bob vs. Pat vs. Barbara (Halloween) [GSN]**

-(12/24/1984) Ron vs. Randy vs. Suzanne (Christmas Eve)  [GSN]

-(12/25/1984) Janet vs. Randy vs. Eric (Christmas Day) [GSN]

-(1/3/1985) Eddy vs. Sam vs. Julie [GSN]

-(1/4/1985) Sam vs. Rick vs. Esmeralda [GSN]

-(1/7/1985) Ryan vs. Jeanne vs. Esmeralda (Flokati rug revealed!) [GSN]

-(1/8/1985) Buddy vs. Mary Ann vs. Esmeralda [GSN]

-(1/9/1985) Brian vs. Annette vs. Buddy [GSN]

-(1/10/1985) Karin vs. Buddy vs. Jerome [GSN]

-(1/11/1985) Jerome vs. Michael vs. LeeAnn [GSN]

-(1/14/1985) Lisa vs. Max vs. Jerome [GSN]

-(1/15/1985) Lesley vs. Jerome vs. Tim [GSN]

-(1/16/1985) Donna vs. Paul vs. Lesley [GSN]

-(1/17/1985) Andra vs. Lesley vs. Brad [GSN]

-(1/18/1985) Brad vs. Will vs. Christine [GSN]

-(1/21/1985) Brad vs. Arlene vs. George (beginning of HPS #2) [GSN]

-(1/22/1985) Andrea vs. Arlene vs. Mike [GSN]

-(1/23/1985) Andrea vs. Al vs. Rita [GSN]

-(1/24/1985) Nancy vs. John vs. Rita [GSN]

-(1/25/1985) Nancy vs. Dayna vs. Ron [GSN]

-(1/28/1985) Jennie Jones vs. Terry vs. Nancy (talk show host Jenny Jones’ 1st day) [GSN]

-(1/29/1985) Michael vs. Jodi vs. Jennie Jones (talk show host Jenny Jones’ 2nd day) [GSN]

-(1/30/1985) Melodee vs. John vs. Jennie Jones (talk show host Jenny Jones’ 3rd & final day) [GSN]

-(2/26/1985) Sam vs. Jim Hess vs. Pamela (I thought I curse too much, but compared to Jim, *scoffs!*) [USA]

-(3/22/1985) Tyler vs. Mary vs. Ralph [GSN]

-(3/27/1985) Denny vs. Tony vs. Michele [GSN]

-(4/1/1985) College Week - Steve (Notre Dame) vs. Ruth (Columbia) vs. Michael (USC) [GSN]

-(4/2/1985) College Week – Sonya (UCLA) vs. Lana (Alabama) vs. Stuart (Northwestern) [GSN]

-(4/3/1985) College Week – Elizabeth (Ohio State) vs. Cliff (Arizona) vs. Trey (Harvard) [GSN]

-(4/4/1985) College Week – John (Wake Forest) vs. Laurie (Texas) vs. Tim (Nebraska) [GSN]

-(4/5/1985) College Week – Brian (Missouri) vs. Terri (California) vs. Chris (U. of Penn.) [GSN]

-(4/8/1985) Michele vs. Drew vs. Val [GSN]

-(5/31/1985) Andy vs. Dennis vs. Rochelle (Rod Roddy appears at the end) [GSN]

-(6/5/1985) Cindy vs. Al vs. Danny [GSN]

-(6/6/1985) Al vs. Lisa vs. Paul (with “Whammybusters” in audience) [GSN]

-(6/10/1985) Myrna vs. Martin vs. Al [GSN]

-(6/12/1985) Jerry vs. Ana vs. Steve [GSN]

-(6/14/1985) Pam vs. Sam vs. Jerry (Mel Blanc calls in as Sylvester at the end of the program!!) [USA]

-(7/5/1985) Tom vs. Sonja vs. Jim [GSN]

-(1/21/1986) Eric vs. Mitchell vs. Lisa [USA]

-(4/14/1986) Don vs. Maria vs. Robin (Charlie O’Donnell announces) [OB]