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It's more than 'Password...'

Password Plus (396 episodes)


(Allen Ludden) (164 episodes)

-(1/8/1979) Elizabeth Montgomery, Robert Foxworth (premiere, “Password’s back!” Contestant accidentally reveals a word and curses) [GSN]
-(1/9-11/1979) 2nd-4th episodes; Elizabeth Montgomery, Robert Foxworth [GSN]
-(1/12/1979) Elizabeth Montgomery, Robert Foxworth (5th ep., Leland Yung from ‘Blockbusters’ plays) [GSN]

-(1/16/1979) Marcia Wallace, Tony Randall (Tony REALLY knows how to make an entrance) [GSN]

-(1/18-19/1979) Marcia Wallace, Tony Randall (2 eps.; 1 is Leland’s last ep.; George McGrath is a contestant) [GSN]

-(1/1979) Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence [GSN]
-(2/1979) Betty White, Dick Martin (3 eps; They dance at the beginning on Thursday; on Friday's episode; Allen notes that he met Betty in 1961 on the original Password, they would wed two years later. This is the first of 4 weeks that Betty and Dick would appear on P+ together) [GSN]
-(2/12-16/1979) Elaine Joyce, Tom Kennedy (5 episodes; Tom later on would wind up hosting P+, replacing an ill and then later dying Allen on 10/27/80, he would begin hosting Whew! two months later, and... he also has a moustache!) [GSN]

-(2/19-23/1979) Loretta Swit, Jack Klugman (5 episodes; on one episode, there's a puzzle about Jack Klugman's show "Quincy," and his contestant partner cant guess it!) [GSN]

-(2/26-3/2/1979) Elizabeth Montgomery, Bert Convy (5 episodes; this marks the inaugural week of the more known and better-looking 'Alphabetics wall!') [GSN]

-(3/5-9/1979) Betty White, Robert Pine (5 episodes; on the first episode of the week, Betty slips and nearly falls down the stairs and hurts her ankle on the intros. Luckily nothing too serious, but for the 4 episodes thereafter; Betty and Robert are seated at the beginning) [GSN]
-(3/12-16/1979) Mary Tyler Moore, Bill Cullen (5 episodes, on episode 3, Mark Goodson appears and sings "Happy Birthday" to a contestant!) [GSN]

-(3/19-22/1979) Joyce Bulifant, Greg Morris (4 episodes) [GSN]

-(3/30/1979) Karen Morrow, Martin Milner (At the time, Karen starred in a very short-lived ABC series called "Friends," not to be confused with the NBC hit that ran from 1994-2004; John Harlan announces and Scoey Mitchlll appears at the very end to plug the next week) [GSN]

-(4/3-5/1979) Lee Meriwhether, Scoey Mitchlll (3 eps) [GSN]

-(4/9-11, 13/1979) Marcia Wallace, Peter Bonerz (4 eps)

-(4/16/1979) Debralee Scott, Nipsey Russell (a contestant retires after going to Alphabetics 7 times) [GSN]
-(4/23/1979) Robert Urich, Bart Braverman (no more opposites) [GSN]
-(4/24-27/1979) Robert Urich, Bart Braverman (4 episodes; they dance at the beginning on Thursday) [GSN]

-(5/7-8/1979) Susan Seaforth Hayes, Bill Hayes... the stars of Days of Our Lives [GSN]

-(5/14-15/1979) Nancy Lane, Bowzer (2 eps,1979 is the Year of the Child) [GSN]

-(5/21-25/1979) Betty White, John Phillip Law (This is Betty's first time on the show since the accident with her ankle in March, so she walks very carefully down the stairs; Betty and John at the time did a "Movie of the Week." Friday show marks the 100th episode of P+; 5 eps) [GSN]
-(5/28-30, 6/1-2/1979) David Letterman, Marion Ross (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(6/5/1979) Lee Meriwhether, Ross Martin [GSN]

-(7/11-15/1979) Elaine Joyce, George Peppard (5 episodes, on Monday, George lets out his true feelings about a policy regarding NBC game shows, this episode originally never aired on the network) [GSN]
-(6/15, 18-21/1979) Sarah Purcell, Bill Anderson (5 episodes,

one contestant on the second and third eps was a contestant on The Better Sex, GSN’s Rich Cronin is a contestant during the last two eps) [GSN]
-(6/22, 25-26/1979) Judy Norton-Taylor, Robert Walden (3 episodes) [GSN]

-(1979) Elizabeth Montgomery, Wesley Eure (5 episides, on episode 5, Elizabeth slightly scolds a player for showing bad sportsmanship) [GSN]
-(7/13/1979) Patty Duke Astin, Bill Cullen [GSN]

-(1979) Janet Lennon, Monty Hall (5 episodes, on episode two, the wrong music is played during the opening and after Alphabetics) [GSN]

-(1979) Nancy Lane, Robert Reed (2 episodes) [GSN]
-(9/1979) Loretta Swit, Greg Morris [GSN]

-(10/29-11/2/1979) Marcia Wallace, Bill Cullen (5 episodes, Howard Felsher appears to bring Marcia a pie for her birthday on episode 4) [GSN]

-(11/5-7, 9/1979) Lee Meriwhether, Peter Marshall (4 episodes, on episode 3, *3* puzzles are guessed correctly with only the first word) [GSN]

-(11/26/1979) Nanette Fabray, John Schuck (Contestant Linda is up to $20,500) [GSN]
-(11/27/1979) Nanette Fabray, John Schuck (Linda is now up to $25,900; John Harlan announces) [GSN]
-(11/28 & 29/1979) Nanette Fabray, John Schuck (John Harlan announces) (2 episodes) [GSN]

-(12/3-5/1979) Debralee Scott, Bowzer (3 episodes) [GSN] 

-(12/1979) Barbara Rhoades, Bill Anderson (4 episodes; Christmas season shows, on one of the episodes, the Alphabetics doors fail to open properly) [GSN]

-(12/1979) Carol Burnett, Bert Convy (2 episodes; Christmas season shows, one of the contestants is wearing slippers) [GSN]

-(12/25/1979) Carol Burnett, Bert Convy (Christmas '79!) [GSN]
-(1979/1980) Brett Somers, Ross Martin (2 episodes) [GSN]
-(1/28-31/1980) Joanna Gleason, Dick Gautier ("she fell in my hole" on Monday, 4 episodes) [GSN]

-(2/4-8/1980) Loretta Swit, Ron Masak (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(2/11/1980) Marcia Wallace, Wesley Eure (last second $5,000 win!) [GSN]

-(2/14/1980) Marcia Wallace, Wesley Eure [GSN]

-(2/15/1979) Marcia Wallace, Wesley Eure [GSN]

-(2/19/1979) Patty Duke, John Astin [GSN]

-(2/25-28/1980) Anne Meara, Nipsey Russell (Bob Hilton announces, 4 episodes, Anne mentions her then 15-year-old son Ben on episode 1) [GSN]

-(3/3-7/1980) Peggy Cass, Bill Cullen (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(3/11-12/1980) Eunice Higgins (Carol Burnett), Thelma Harper (Vicki Lawrence) vs. Larry Alder (McLean Stevenson), Morgan Winslow (Joanna Gleason) (2 episodes) [GSN]

-(3/13-14/1980) McLean Stevenson, Joanna Gleason, Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence (2 episodes; themselves instead of their Carol Burnett and Hello, Larry characters) [GSN]

-(3/1980) Debralee Scott, Richard Paul [GSN]

-(4/11/1980) Anita Gilette, Bowzer (Allen's last day before his hospital day) [GSN]

-(5/12-13/1980) Susan Richardson, Bill Cullen (2 episodes; Allen’s first two days back from the hospital) [GSN]

-(5/20-23/1980) Phyllis Diller, Bert Convy (4 episodes) [GSN]

-(5/26/1980) Lucille Ball, Dick Martin [GSN]

-(5/27/1980) Lucille Ball, Dick Martin [GSN]
-(6/13/1980) Betty White, John Astin (Johnny Olson sub-announces, 1 day from Betty & Allen’s anniversary, Allen mentions that they’ve given away over $2,000,000 in total so far) [GSN]

-(8/1/1980) Betty White, Bill Cullen [GSN]

-(8/5-8/1980) Sally Struthers, Monty Hall (4 episodes) [GSN]

-(8/12-13/1980) Susan Richardson, Bowzer (2 episodes) [GSN]

-(8/19-20/1980) Lucille Ball, Dick Martin (Kirstie Alley is a contestant on both eps) [GSN]

-(9/24-26/1980) Betty White, Gene Rayburn (3 episodes) [GSN]

-(10/2-3/1980) Susan Richardson, Peter Marshall (2 episodes; on the first, Allen begins wearing a pin in honor of the hostages in Iran, and contestant Terrie appears on Child‘s Play 2 years later) [GSN]

-(10/16-17, 20/1980) Karen Morrow, Bill Cullen (3 episodes) [GSN]
-(10/1980) Vicki Lawrence, Robert Donner (4 episodes; from Allen’s final week :() [GSN]


(Bill Cullen) (20 episodes)

-(4/14-18/1980) Elaine Joyce, Bill Anderson (5 episodes; Johnny Olson sub announces) [GSN]

-(4/21-25/1980) Nanette Fabray, Skip Stevenson (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(4/28-30, 5/1-2/1980) Vicki Lawrence, Dick Gautier (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(5/5-9/1980) Greg Morris, Betty White (5 episodes) [GSN]


(Tom Kennedy) (196 episodes)

-(10/28-31, 11/3/1980) ALL-STAR! Nancy Walker, Judy-Norton Taylor, Jim Perry, Greg Morris (5 episodes, Allen, our thoughts are with you…) [GSN]

-(11/4-5/1980) Patty Duke Astin, John Astin (from Tom’s first civilian week) [GSN]

-(12/3-5, 8-9/1980) Bert Convy, Judy Norton-Taylor (5 episodes, on one ep., Bert’s young son appears at the end and two Alphabetics rounds are won) [GSN]

-(12/1980) Della Reese, Bill Anderson (Nobody guesses the tie-breaker puzzle, so the audience guesses it) [GSN]

-(12/1980) Della Reese, Bill Anderson (One of the words in Alphabetics is “orgy?!”) [GSN]

-(12/1980) Della Reese, Bill Anderson (Tom criticizes a contestant for not getting the word “Oreo”) [GSN]

-(12/1980) Della Reese, Bill Anderson (Friday episode) [GSN]

-(12/17/1980) Betty White, Dick Martin (The audience gives Betty White a long standing ovation!) [GSN]

-(12/18-19, 22-23/1980) Betty White, Dick Martin (4 more eps, including the France-French episode) [GSN]

-(12/24-26, 29-30/1980) ALL-STAR! Gina Hecht, Debralee Scott, Dick Gautier, David Doyle (5 episodes, taped in Oct. 1980) [GSN]

-(12/31/1980) Susan Richardson, Bill Cullen (with ticket plug!) [GSN]

-(1/2/1981) Susan Richardson, Bill Cullen (GSN shows the contestant plug, “fatless” isn’t a word, Susan and the two female contestants model their dresses at the end, New Year’s Day ep.,) [GSN]

-(1/5/1981) Susan Richardson, Bill Cullen (w/contestant plug, Only YOU can prevent forest fires) [GSN]

-(1/6/1981) Susan Richardson, Bill Cullen (w/contestant plug) [GSN]

-(1/8-9, 12-14/1981) Joanna Gleason, Robert Donner (5 episodes, Rich Jeffries announces, Tom worked w/Joanna on “Split Second”) [GSN]

-(1/15-16, 19, 21-22/1981) Elayne Joyce, Greg Morris (Rich Jeffries announces, 5 episodes) [GSN]

-(1/23, 26-29/1981) Betty White, Wesley Eure (Rich Jeffries announces, 5 episodes) [GSN]

-(1/30, 2/2-5/1981) Bowzer, Debralee Scott (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(2/6/1981) Gene Rayburn, Wink Martindale (someone in the technical department messed up big time!) [GSN]

-(2/9/1981) Gene Rayburn, Wink Martindale (they wear the same outfits as from describing the first day’s problem) [GSN]

-(2/10/1981) Gene Rayburn, Wink Martindale (Wednesday ep.) [GSN]

-(2/11/1981) Gene Rayburn, Wink Martindale (Gene introduces the contestants, Tom mentions his real name, Jimmy Narz, and Wink’s full name is Winston Martindale) [GSN]

-(2/12/1981) Gene Rayburn, Wink Martindale (Friday ep.; Tom blows a puzzle) [GSN]

-(2/13/1981) Audrey Landers, Nipsey Russell (First show, one of the puzzles mentions John Chancellor, who anchored NBC News before Tom Brokaw, and it has a contestant with a true Southern accent) [GSN]

-(2/16/1981) Audrey Landers, Nipsey Russell (Audrey wears a cowboy hat, two Alphabetics wins!) [GSN]

-(2/17-19/1981) Audrey Landers, Nipsey Russell (3 other eps.) [GSN]

-(2/20, 23-26/1981) Barbara Rhoades, McLean Stevenson (5 episodes, on the 4th episode, Tom has a dictionary, on the 5th episode, we were close to seeing another France-French situation upon us) [GSN]

-(2 & 3/1981) Susan Richardson, Fred Grandy (3 episodes) [GSN]

-(3/2-6/1981) ALL-STAR! Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Jr., Betty White, Dick Martin (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(3/20-21, 26/1981) Marcia Wallace, Bert Convy (3 episodes) [GSN]

-(3/27-30, 4/2/1981) Elaine Joyce, Arte Johnson (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(5/4-8/1981) Jon "Bowzer" Bauman, Anne Francine (Flora Simpson Reilly), Patty Duke (Patty & Cathy Lane), Robert Donner (Exidor) [GSN]
-(5/11-15/1981) Denver Pyle (Uncle Jesse), Robert Pine (Bert Gatraer), Betty White (Sue Ann Nivens), Brian Kerwin (Birdie) (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(5/28/1981) Audrey Landers, McLean Stevenson [GSN]
-(5/29/1981) Joyce Bulifant, Andrew Stevens [GSN]

-(7/3 & 5/1981) Barbara Rhoades, Gene Rayburn (2 episodes) [GSN]

-(7/24, 27-28, 30-31/1981) Susan Richardson, McLean Stevenson (5 episodes, GSN shows the ticket plug on the 3rd and the 5th, McLean is “so damn good at getting the words!”; Susan mentions the cancellation of “Eight Is Enough”) [GSN]

-(8/11-14/1981) Elaine Joyce, Bert Convy (4 episodes, Elaine brings her daughter on the second show) [GSN]

-(8/31-9/4/1981) Edie McClurg, Greg Morris (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(9/7/1981) Marcia Wallace, Bart Braverman (contestant Laura retires with $32,500) [GSN]

-(9/8/1981) Marcia Wallace, Bart Braverman (Tuesday ep., Bart says a password and curses) [GSN]

-(9/1981) Dick Martin, Betty White [GSN]

-(9/1981) Joyce Bulifant, McLean Stevenson [GSN]

-(9/1981) Susan Richardson, Patrick Wayne [GSN]

-(10/12, 16/1981) Edie McClurg, Robert Donner (2 eps. Mon and Fri shows) [GSN]

-(10/19, 22-23/1981) Irlene Mandrell, Sorrell Booke (3 episodes, Monday, Thursday, and Friday) [GSN]

-(10/26-30/1981) Marcia Wallace, Fred Travelina (4 episodes, on one ep., Tom blows a puzzle) [GSN]

-(11/4-6, 9/1981) Barbara Rhoades, McLean Stevenson (from the first week of the rule changes; McLean wears a cowboy outfit on one ep., Bob Hilton announces, 4 episodes) [GSN]

-(11/10-12/1981) Vicki Lawrence, Wesley Eure (3 episodes, Why play Alphabetics when you can play Paper, Scissors, Rock instead?)

-(11/13/1981) Vicki Lawrence, Wesley Eure ($20,000 Alphabetics won, this is the first win of the 'growing jackpot') [GSN]

-(11/17-18, 20, 23/1981) Audrey Landers, (and from "The Regis Philbin Show") Regis Philbin (4 episodes, 2nd has $10,000 win) [GSN]

-(11/24-25, 27, 30, 12/1/1981) Edie McClurg, Fred Grandy (5 episodes, 4th episode has $30,000 Alphabetics won) [GSN]

-(12/2, 4-5, 8/1981) Lucille Ball, Dick Martin (4 episodes) [GSN]

-(12/9-11, 14-15/1981) Jayne Meadows, Steve Allen (5 episodes, 4th ep has a blooper, all clues to a puzzle accidentally revealed!) [GSN]

-(12/16-18, 21/1981) Betty White, Pat Sajak (4 episodes, Tom announces that Pat is about to host WoF for the first time a few days from then, 3rd episode has a $25,000 Alphabetics win!) [GSN]

-(12/22/1981) Betty White, Pat Sajak (5th episode, Betty and Pat get official P+ jackets!  Also, Pat wrote Betty after Allen’s death, he would also start with the 'Wheel' six days later) [GSN]

-(12/31/1981) Edie McClurg, Tom Poston (New Year’s Eve, Mini-celebration at the end. $8,000 Alphabetics win. This also marks the first week of the words on the game desk being blue.) [GSN]

-(1/2/1982) Edie McClurg, Tom Poston (First show of 1982, Tom is “full” of the spirit) [GSN]

-(1/3-4/1982) Edie McClurg, Tom Poston (two more episodes, one has $15,000 win)[GSN]

-(1/1982) Judy Norton Taylor, Bill Anderson ($35,000 win!) [GSN]

-(1/22/1982) Marcia Wallace, Bert Convy (Tom teaches everyone about pronunciation, Bob Hilton subs) [GSN]**

-(1/25/1982) Marcia Wallace, Bert Convy (One of Bert’s old songs plays, Bob Hilton subs) [GSN]**

-(1/26/1982) Marcia Wallace, Bert Convy (Bert wears his official P+ jacket, Bob Hilton subs) [GSN]

-(1/27/1982) Marcia Wallace, Bert Convy (Marcia wears her official P+ jacket, Bob Hilton subs) [GSN]

-(1/29-31/1982) Edie McClurg, Greg Morris ($10,000 Alphabetics win on 1st, $8,000 win on 3rd, 3 eps, Bob Hilton announces) [GSN]

-(2/1982) Gina Hecht, Fred Travelena (Fred wears his official P+ jacket on one, 4 eps $20,000 win on the 3rd) [GSN]

-(2/11/1982) Patty Duke Astin, Bill Cullen ($5,000 Alphabetics win) [GSN]

-(2/12/1982) Patty Duke Astin, Bill Cullen (Bill gives a real obvious illegal clue, Bill and Tom were brothers-in-law, $5k win) [GSN]

-(2/15-16/1982) Patty Duke Astin, Bill Cullen (2 more eps) [GSN]

-(2/17/1982) Patty Duke Astin, Bill Cullen (they wear their official P+ jackets!) [GSN]

-(2/18-19, 22-24/1982) Betty White, Regis Philbin (5 eps) [GSN]

-(2/25-26, 3/1982) Lynn Redgrave, Dick Martin (4 eps) [GSN]

-(3/1982) Steven Ford, Jack Narz (4 episodes; Jack hosts while his brother Tom plays a few rounds on one ep.) [3 episodes are SM w/slate, Narz hosted episode is GSN]

-(3/11-12/1982) Edie McClurg, Gene Rayburn (6 episodes) [GSN]

-(3/1982) Audrey Landers, Tom Poston (5 eps of finale week) [GSN]

-(3/26/1982) Audrey Landers, Tom Poston (finale, $12,000 win!) [OB]