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Sitcoms, Specials, etc.


-1972 CBS Promos for The New Price Is Right, Gambit, The $10,000 Pyramid, and Hollywood’s Talking

-1974 Promos, for CBS Game Shows Now You See It, Tattletales, Match Game ’74, The Joker’s Wild, Gambit, and The Price Is Right

-1975 Promo for Showoffs

-Promo for the premiere episode of Break the Bank '76

-A commercial from 1976; game show host/announcer Jack Clark mentions Savings and Loan

-Two promos for The $20,000 Pyramid for ABC, circa 1978/1979

-Promo for Hollywood Squares ‘Disco Party Episode’, 1978 w/slate

-:30 Promo for the syndie premiere of Match Game, 1979, with slate

-(1983) Promo for Press Your Luck premiere, with pilot clips

-(1995) 8 minute GSN Pitchfilm for cable companies featuring Pat Sajak, appearances by Peter Tomarken, Laura Chambers, and Steve Day; also features clips from GSN's library and behind-the-scenes shots at their studios

-Several original promos for NBC's version of The Weakest Link

-Clip of ‘The Simpsons’ with the dog (Santa’s Little Helper) playing Pyramid

-‘Early Show’ Interview with Ken Jennings

-'Today Show' segment with Howie Mandel discussing and playing a little bit of Deal or No Deal

-(3/14/2006) brief CNN Headline News and Entertainment Tonight reports on the death of Peter Tomarken :( (free with any trade)

-(2006) segments of Ellen and The Late Late Show with Howie Mandel appearing and discussing Deal or No Deal


GSN Live

(Heidi Bohay, Fred Roggin, Alfonso Ribiero)

-(3/2008) segments with Wink Martindale [GSN/GSNL-2]

-(3/21/2008) segments with Joyce Bulifant [GSN/GSNL-1]

-(3/28/2008) segments with Peter Marshall [GSN/GSNL-1]

-(4/4/2008) segments with Bob Eubanks [GSN/GSNL-1]

-(5/2/2008) segments with Bill Rafferty [GSN/GSNL-1]

-(5/13/2008) segment with Match Game writer and cue card holder Joel Hecht [GSN/GSNL-1]

-(5/16/2008) segments with Geoff Edwards [GSN/GSNL-1]

-(5/30/2008) most segments with Tom Kennedy [GSN/GSNL-1]

-(6/2/2008) segment with Gary Owens reminiscing about Dick Martin [GSN/GSNL-1]

-(10/30/2008) segments with Vanna White [GSN/GSNL-2]

-(11/20/2008) segments with Betty White [GSN/GSNL-2]

-(11/21/2008) segments with Alan Thicke (Alan, Heidi, and Alfonso dance to The Wizard of Odds theme!) [GSN/GSNL-2]

-(12/18/2008) segments with Catherine Hicks guest-hosting [GSN/GSNL-2]



-(1984) TV’s Funniest Game Show Moments #2, hosted by William Shatner. In studio appearances by Bob Barker, Garry Moore, Bert Convy, Steve Allen, Bill Cullen

-(1987) The Game Show Biz, hosted by Wink Martindale... features lots of rare clips and clips from foreign game shows as well... interviews with hosts and has behind-the-scenes looks at popular game shows

-(1997) A&E Biography: Bob Barker (first segment missing)

-(2004) A&E Biography: Jeopardy!

-(2002) Most Outrageous Game Show Moments installments 2, 3, and 5

-(2003) Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal (one-hour version only with interviews, also full two-hour version available)

-(2004) E! True Hollywood Story: The Price Is Right

-(2005) Game Show Moments Gone Bananas installments 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

-(2005) E! True Hollywood Story: Wheel of Fortune (has clips from the premiere in 1975; this IMO is probably one of the better ones that E! has done)

-(7/14/2006) The Late Show With David Letterman: interview with Anderson Cooper, with a clip of as a kid of him being an imposter on TTTT in 1978!

-(7/14/2006) segment of The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn: Bob Barker, Rich Fields, and the Barker's Beauties stop by; Bob judo chops Craig's desk!

-(7/14/2006) A&E Biography: TV Game Shows; features behind the scenes segments of Family Feud, TPiR, Wheel of Fortune, and has clips and interviews with Bob Barker, Monty Hall, Tom Kennedy, Betty White, Vicki Lawrence, Meredith Vieira, Marc Summers, Jimmy Carr, Bil Dwyer, Chuck Woolery, Pat Sajak, Vanna White, Bob Boden, Alex Trebek, Richard Karn, Jimmy Pardo, Bruce Vilanch, Fred Wostbrock, Ken Jennings, Tammy Pescatalli, and Matt Weinhold

-(2006) Atlanta & Company: a near 10 minute clip of this WXIA-TV produced program. Co-host Holly Firfer interviews former Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings.

-(11/1/2006) Atlanta & Comany: a near 30 minute clip of this WXIA-TV produced program. Co-host Holly Firfer participates in a mock game of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? with Meredith Vieira, also an interview with Meredith follows the game.

-(11/1/2006) The Early Show: report on and visit with Bob Barker at the studio about him retiring from The Price Is Right. Reported by Julie Chen.

-(2006) TV Guide Channel Special: 25 Things You Didn't Know About Game Shows

-(2006) Match Game: Behind the Blank; Narrated by Jamie Farr, interviews with Betty White, Brett Somers, Steve Beverly, Shandi Finnessey, Louie Anderson, Bil Dwyer, Jimmie Walker, Marcia Wallace; former MG staff members Michael Malone, Diane Janaver, Dick Harwood, Joseph Neustein, and Ira Skutch. Also features rare behind the scenes footage, and archived interview footage featuring Richard Dawson and Gene Rayburn.

-(2006) Chuck Barris: My Life on the Edge (Narrated by Jim Lange, interviews with Chuck Barris, Bob Eubanks, Mary Barris (Chuck's current wife), Gene Patton (Gene Gene the Dancing Machine), Phyllis Diller, Arte Johnson, Pat Harrington, and former staff members of Chuck Barris productions)

-(2007) GSN original - Greatest Game Show Moments - a 1 hour clip show hosted by Chuck Woolery

-(2007) GSN original - Game Show Countdown - top 10 hosts

-(2007) GSN original - Game Show Hall of Fame - Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?

-(9/12/2008) Bonnie Hunt Show - segments with Drew Carey


CBS 2006 Game Show Marathon (Ricki Lake)

-(5/31/2006) The Price Is Right: Hole in One, Plinko, Race Game

-(6/1/2006) Let's Make A Deal

-(6/7/2006) Beat the Clock

-(6/8/2006) Press Your Luck (A MUST HAVE!!)

-(6/16/2006) Card Sharks

-(6/22/2006) Match Game

-(6/29/2006) Family Feud


Sitcom Episodes with Game Show Related Material

-(1971) The Odd Couple - “Password”

-(1972) The Odd Couple - “Let’s Make A Deal”

-(1976) Sanford and Son - "The Gong Show"

-(1980) Laverne & Shirley - “The Dating Game”

-(1982) Family Ties - “Stage Fright (a.k.a.) Video Jitters”

-(1982) Mama’s Family – “Family Feud”

-(1988) The Golden Girls - “Grab That Dough”

-(2000) The Parkers - “J.C. Bowl”

-(2004) Friends - “The One With Phoebe’s Bachelor Party” (Joey goes on Pyramid)