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It's 'Password,' it's 'Super Password!!!'

NBC 1984-89

(Bert Convy) (787 episodes)

-(9/24-28/1984) Gloria Loring, Pat Sajak (5 episodes, premiere week! $10,000 win on episode 2) [GSN/SP-1]

-(10/1-5/1984) Abby Dalton, Charles Nelson Reilly (5 episodes, $25,000 win on Monday) [GSN/(M)SP-1, (T-F)SP-2]

-(10/8-9/1984) Vicki Lawrence, Tom Poston (Dick Clark is a puzzle on Tuesday, 2 episodes) [GSN/(M-T) SP-2]

-(10-12/1984) Vicki Lawrence, Tom Poston (3 more episodes; $30,000 win on episode 1, $5,000 wins on episodes 2 and 3) [GSN]

-(10/15-19/1984) 16th episode; Edie McClurg, Nathan Cook (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(10/23-26/1984) Marcia Wallace, Bill Cullen (4 episodes) [GSN]

-(10/29-31, 11/2/1984) Judy Norton-Taylor, Richard Moll (4 episodes, including Halloween) [GSN]

-(11/5, 7-9/1984) Betty White, Jon Bauman (4 episodes, $40,000 win on episode 4!) [GSN]

-(11/1984) Richard Kline, Shelley Smith (3 episodes, one with a slight technical problem during game play) [GSN]

-(1984) Elaine Joyce, Nathan Cook [GSN]

-(11/20/1984) Jo Anne Worley, Charles Siebert (Tuesday, with a REAL CLOSE $35,000 win) [GSN]

-(11/21/1984) Jo Anne Worley, Charles Siebert (Wednesday) [GSN]

-(11/22/1984) Charles Siebert, Jo Anne Worley (Thanksgiving) [GSN]

-(11/23/1984) Charles Siebert, Jo Anne Worley (Day after Thanksgiving) [GSN]

-(11/1984) Mary Cadorette, Orson Bean (4 eps, Bert mentions his “Charmin” mistake that he made on P+ on one, other has $40,000 win) [GSN]

-(12/1984) Marcia Wallace, John Astin [GSN]

-(12/10/1984) Vicki Lawrence, Dick Gautier (Dick falls out of his chair, puzzle exposed prematurely) [GSN]

-(12/24/1984) Sharon Smith, Jamie Farr (Christmas Eve) [GSN]

-(12/25-28/1984) Shelley Smith, Jamie Farr (4 more episodes; Christmas Week, cont'd; episode 4 has the word "Goodson" in Alphabetics) [GSN]

-(12/31/1984, 1/1-3/1985) Lauri Hendler, (and held over for a second consecutive week) Jamie Farr (4 episodes, $25,000 win on the first, $10,000 win on the second, $5,000 wins on the third and fourth) [GSN]

-(1/6-8, 11/1985) Jo Anne Worley, Robert Mandan (4 eps; $5,000 win on 2 eps) [GSN]

-(1/14/1985) Elaine Joyce, Tom Poston (who have door troubles at the beginning; $5k win) [GSN]

-(1/15/1985) Elaine Joyce, Tom Poston [GSN]

-(1/16/1985) Elaine Joyce, Tom Poston (a clip of one of Bert’s old songs plays!) [GSN]

-(1/24-25/1985) Mary Cadorette, Orson Bean (2 eps; second ep has $5k win) [GSN]

-(1/28-31, 2/1/1985) Nancy Lane, Richard Moll (5 eps; $10k win on Monday, $5k wins on Tuesday and Wednesday eps; Friday ep has WoF puzzle) [GSN]

-(2/4-6/1985) Marcia Wallace, Bill Cullen (3 episodes; tournament of champions!) [GSN]

-(2/7/1985) Marcia Wallace, Bill Cullen [Tournament of Champs, Semi-finals] [GSN]

-(2/11, 13/1985) Shelley Smith, Dick Gautier (tournie of champs, cont’d; finals, finale on the second episode) [GSN]

-(2/14-15/1985) Shelley Smith, Dick Gautier (2 regular episodes from the rest of the week) [GSN]

-(2/18-22/1985) Patricia Klous, Fred Grandy (5 episodes; $5k win on the first three eps; $10k win on the fifth) [GSN]

-(2/25-28, 3/1/1985) Edie McClurg, Charlie Siebert (5 episodes; board reveals all the clues to a puzzle accidentally on the first ep; $5k win on the second ep, $10k win on the fourth) [GSN]

-(3/4-8/1985) Markie Post, Marty Cohen (5 episodes, $15,000 win on episode 2; $10k win on episode 4; $5k win on episode 5) [GSN]

-(3/11-15/1985) Martha Smith, Nathan Cook (5 episodes, 3rd ep has a very rough loss in Alphabetics, $25,000 win on episode 5) [GSN]

-(3/18-19/1985) Vicki Lawrence, Greg Morris (2 episodes) [GSN]

-(3/20-21/1985) Vicki Lawrence, Greg Morris (2 episodes) [GSN]

-(3/24-28/1985) Constance McCashin, Jamie Farr (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(4/15-19/1985) Gloria Loring, Richard Moll (5 episodes) [GSN]
-(4/22-26/1985) Lauri Hendler, Pat Sajak (5 episodes; $5k win on Thursday) [GSN]
-(4/29-30; 5/1-3/1985) Patricia Klous, Orson Bean (5 episodes, Rich Jeffries announces) [GSN]
-(5/6-8/1985) Susan Scannell, Richard Kline (3 episodes, $25,000 win on episode 3) [GSN]

-(5/16-17/1985) Elaine Joyce, Nathan Cook ( remaining eps; $25,000 win on episode 5) [GSN/(Th-F) SP85-17]
-(5/20-23/1985) Patty Duke, Fred Grandy (4 episodes) [GSN/(M-Th) SP85-17]
-(5/24/1985) Patty Duke, Fred Grandy (1 remaining episode) [GSN/(F) SP85-17]
-(5/27-31/1985) Mary Cadorette, Dick Gautier (5 episodes) [GSN/(M-F) SP85-18]
-(6/3-7/1985) Betty White, Vicki Lawrence (5 episodes; $5,000 win on episode 2, $15,000 win on episode 4) [GSN/(M-F) SP85-19]
-(6/10/1985) Shelley Smith, Jamie Farr (1 episode) [GSN/(M) SP85-19]
-(6/11-14/1985) Shelley Smith, Jamie Farr (4 episodes) [GSN/(T-F) SP85-20]
-(6/17-20/1985) Marcia Wallace, James Widdoes (4 episodes) [GSN/(M-Th) SP85-20]
-(6/21/1985) Marcia Wallace, James Widdoes (1 remaining episode) [GSN/(F) SP85-21]
-(6/24-27/1985) Lauri Hendler, Marty Cohen (5 episodes; $15,000 win on episode 5) [GSN (M-F)/SP85-21]
-(6/30-7/4/1985) Markie Post, Richard Moll (5 episodes; on episode 5 Markie mentions her joining Night Court) [GSN/SP85-21]
-(7/9-13/1985) Patty Duke, Joel Brooks (5 episodes, one has a $20,000 win) [GSN]

-(7/15-19/1985) Joanne Worley, Jack Jones (5 eps, one with a $20,000 win, another where Bert gets knocked down and has a $10k win) [GSN]

-(7/1985) LeAnn Hunley, Tom Poston (2 episodes) [GSN]

-(7& 8/1985) Constance McCashin, Nathan Cook (2 episodes) [GSN]

-(8/5/1985) Lydia Cornell, Patrick Wayne [GSN/SP85-21]**

-(8/6/1985) Lydia Cornell, Patrick Wayne ($15,000 win!) [GSN/SP85-21]

-(8/8-9/1985) Lydia Cornell, Patrick Wayne (2 episodes) [GSN/SP85-21]

-(8/12-13/1985) Lauri Hendler, Robert Walden (2 episodes) [GSN/(M-T)SP85-21]

-(8/14-16/1985) Lauri Hendler, Robert Walden (3 episodes) [GSN/(W-F)SP85-22]

-(8/19-23/1985) Shelley Smith, Richard Kline (3 episodes; $25,000 win on episode 2; two $5k wins on episode 3) [GSN/(M-W)SP85-23]

-(8/24-25/1985) Shelley Smith, Richard Kline (2 episodes) [GSN/(Th-F)SP85-23]

-(8/26-30/1985) Gloria Loring, Dick Gautier (5 episodes, $20,000 win on episode 3) [GSN/SP85-24]

-(9/1985) Marcia Wallace, James Widdoes (of “Charles in Charge”J) (5 episodes, one of the contestants is on $100k Pyramid later on) [GSN]

-(9/9-13/1985) Vicki Lawrence, Pat Sajak (5 episodes) (they use WoF sound effects) [GSN]

-(9/16-20/1985) Bill Cullen, Tom Poston (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(9/23-27/1985) Joanne Worley, Orson Bean (5 episodes; Bert mentions that this is the shows first anniversary) [GSN]

-(10/2-4/1985) Elaine Joyce, Richard Moll (3 episodes, one has $25,000 win, another has a $5,000 win) [GSN]

-(10/7-11/1985) Jennilee Harrison, Dick Gautier (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(10/13, 15-18/1985) LeAnn Hunley, Marty Cohen (4 episodes, one 3rd has $50,000 win; winning contestant telephones her parents about it the next day) [GSN]

-(11/1985) Pat Sajak, Nipsey Russell (Gene Wood appears; one of the puzzles is Pat Sajak, also a $4,000 Ca$hword win, $5k Alphabetics win) [GSN]

-(1985) Pat Sajak, Nipsey Russell (3 more eps, Gene Wood’s birthday on one, $5k wins on every episode) [GSN]

-(1985) Vicki Lawrence, Dick Martin (2 eps, Bob Hilton announces, 2nd has $10k win) [GSN]

-(1985) Dorothy Lyman, Tom Poston ($5k win, with ZERO seconds left) [GSN]

-(1985) Dorothy Lyman, Tom Poston [GSN]

-(12/3-6/1985) more episodes with Dorothy Lyman, Tom Poston (one of the contestants towards the end was on Blockbusters ’87)

-(12/9/1985) Gloria Loring, David Doyle (David from BB’87 wins $20,000, 5 eps, $15,000 win on the 4th) [GSN]

-(12/1985) Gary Burghoff, Jamie Farr (from Christmas week; 4 eps) [GSN]

-(12/30-31/1985, 1/3/1986) Marcia Wallace, Henry Polic II (3 episodes) [GSN]

-(1/17/1986) Betty White, a VERY energetic Richard Simmons (Betty White's birthday) [GSN]

-(1/29-31/1986) Kim Miyori, Bill Cullen (3 episodes, $20,000 win on the second ep) [GSN]

-(2/3-5/1986) Jackee Harry, Tom Poston (4 episodes, $15,000 win on the first, on the third episode, Jeopardy! has a puzzle and a $10,000 win) [GSN]

-(2/10-14/1986) Patricia Klous, Dick Martin (Tournament of Losers, 5 episodes, the first password on day one is "French") [GSN]

-(2/17-21/1986) Florence Halop, Richard Moll (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(2/27-28/1986) Patty Duke, Nathan Cook (second episode has $10,000 win and Bert blows a puzzle) [GSN]

-(3/3-5/1986) Lauri Hendler, Pat Sajak (3 episodes, on the third, Lauri mentions that at the time, she'd have left ‘Gimme A Break!’) [GSN]

-(3/6-7/1986) Lauri Hendler, Pat Sajak ($5,000 win) [GSN]

-(3/14/1986) Martha Smith, Jamie Farr [GSN]

-(3/17-18/1986) Leann Hunley, William Windom (2 episodes) [GSN]

-(3/24/1986) Jo Anne Worley, Michael Lembeck (2 more episodes) [GSN]

-(4/1/1986) Janis Page, Richard Kline ($55,000 win!) [GSN]

-(4/8, 10/1986) Vicki Lawrence, Charlie Siebert (3 episodes; $5k win on the second, $10k on the third) [GSN]

-(4/11/1986) Vicki Lawrence, Charlie Seibert ($25,000 win!) [GSN]

-(4/14-17/1986) Constance McCashin, Tom Villard (4 eps; $5k win on first episode, a bird is in the studio on Tuesday) [GSN]

-(4/18/1986) Constance McCashin, Tom Villard [GSN]

-(4/21/1986) Betty White, Charles Shaughnessy ('Betty White' is the first puzzle on episode 1; before doing the sitcom "The Nanny" in the '90's, Charles played Shane Donovan on "Days of our Lives"; 5 episodes) [GSN]

-(6/2/1986) Shelley Smith, Pat Sajak (4 eps; first has contestant plug!; Bert blows a puzzle on the third) [GSN]

-(6/16-20/1986) Marla Gibbs, Tom Poston (5 eps; $45,000 win on the first, on the third, a contestant accidentally breaks one of the Password clue monitors) [GSN]

-(6/23-27/1986) Anita Gillette, Robert Reed (5 eps, 2nd ep has contestant plug!) [GSN]

-(6/30; 7/1-4/1986) Jenilee Harrison, Michael Young (4 eps; $50k and $5k wins on 4th ep) [GSN]

-(7/7/1986) Patricia Klous, David Graf [GSN]

-(8/1986) Jackee Harry, Charlie Siebert (3 episodes, $5,000 wins on all three, contestant plug on the first and third) [GSN]

-(1986) ALL-STAR with Lucille Ball, Ann Dusenberry, Estelle Getty and Betty White (5 eps) [GSN]

-(9/1986) Jenilee Harrison, Bruce Baum [GSN]

-(9/8-12/1986) Debbie Maffett, Richard Moll (5 episodes, $20,000 win on episode 2) [GSN]’

-(9/15-19/1986) Marcia Wallace, Christopher Hewett (5 episodes, $10,000 win on episode 2, $15,000 win on episode 5) [GSN]

-(9/22-26/1986) Jennilee Harrison, Bruce Baum (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(9/29-30, 10/1-3/1986) Jo Anne Worley, Pat Sajak (5 episodes, $35,000 win on episode 2) [GSN]

-(10/13-14/1986) Vicki Lawrence, Dick Christie (2 episodes, on episode one, Bert briefly wears tape over his mouth after blowing a password, second ep. has $10k win) [GSN]

-(10/27/1986) Lindsay Bloom, Tom Poston (Gene Wood is briefly seen on-camera) [GSN]

-(10/28/1986) Lindsay Bloom, Tom Poston ($10k win) [GSN]

-(10/29/1986) Lindsay Bloom, Tom Poston ($5k win) [GSN]

-(10/30/1986) Lindsay Bloom, Tom Poston (one of Bert's old songs plays) [GSN]

-(10/31/1986) Lindsay Bloom, Tom Poston (Halloween) [GSN]

-(11/3/1986) ALL-STAR! Harvey Korman, Dennis Weaver, McLean Stevenson, Ed Begley, Jr. (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(11/1986) ALL-STAR! Days of our Lives - Peggy McCay, John Aniston (Jennifer Aniston's dad!!), Another World - Linda Dano, Kale Browne (4 episodes) [GSN]

-(12/1986) ALL-STAR! Sally Struthers, Brenda Vaccaro, Art Metrano, Dick Sargent (2 episodes) [GSN]

-(11/24-28/1986) Teresa Ganzel, Jamie Farr (5 episodes, 3rd has $20,000 win!) [GSN]

-(12/1/1986) Patty Duke, Ed Winter [GSN]

-(12/8-11/1986) Leann Hunley, again, a VERY energetic Richard Simmons (4 episodes) [GSN]

-(12/23-26/1986) Mary Ann Mobley, Gary Collins (4 episodes, Christmas Week) [GSN]

-(12/29-30/1986) Ilene Graff, Christopher Hewitt (2 episodes) [GSN]

-(12/31/1986) Ilene Graff, Christopher Hewitt (New Year’s Eve, $20,000 win, Bert uses a chalkboard) [GSN]

-(1/2/1987) Ilene Graff, Christopher Hewitt (first show of 1987) [GSN]

-(1/5-8/1987) Nichelle Nichols, *Tom Kennedy* (4 episodes) [GSN]

-(1/9/1987) Nichelle Nichols, *Tom Kennedy* (5th episode of the week) [OB, another copy is GSN]

-(1/19-20, 22-23/1987) Kim Morgan Greene, Richard Moll (4 episodes; Gene tells Bert to "shut up" on episode 4) [GSN]

-(1/26-29/1987) Nancy Stafford, Leonard Frey (5 episodes; episode 1 has $10,000 win, episode 4 has $15,000 win) [GSN]

-(2/2-6/1987) ALL-STAR! Emma Samms, Jack Coleman, Harry Anderson, John Ratzenberger (5 episodes, problems with the puzzleboard briefly on episode 1, episode 2 has a puzzle named "Harry Anderson." Bert does a weird Howie Mandel impersonation on episode 3) [GSN]

-(2/11-12/1987) Shelley Smith, Stephen Furst (2 episodes; $20,000 win on first ep; $5,000 win on the second, contestant makes Bert his own nametag) [GSN]

-(2/16-17/1987) Lydia Cornell, Joel Brooks (2 episodes; $15,000 win on the first) [GSN]

-(2/23-27/1987) Dionne Warwick, Jonathan Prince (5 episodes; $25,000 win on the second, $15,000 win on the fifth, also problems with the password monitors) [GSN]

-(3/2-4/1987) Marsha Warfield, Tom Poston (5 episodes; Bert wears tape over his mouth to keep from blowing a puzzle on the first) [GSN]

-(3/9-13/1987) Jenilee Harrison, Ken Kercheval (5 episodes; one episode has Bert's blowing the password "role", and another features him blowing the puzzle "royal") [GSN]

-(3/16, 18-20/1987) Jill Whelan, Bill Rafferty (4 episodes) [GSN]

-(3/23-27/1987) Phyllis Diller, William Christopher (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(3,4/1987) Catherine Hickland, Jamie Farr (3 episodes) [GSN]

-(4/6-10/1987) Betty White, G. Gordon Liddy (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(4/13-17/1987) Vanessa Williams, Dick Cavett (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(4/27/1987) Sally Struthers, Pat Sajak (Pat hands his contestant partner a banana at the beginning) [GSN]

-(4/28-5/1/1987) Sally Struthers, Pat Sajak (4 more episodes, $50,000 win on episode 4!) [GSN]

-(5/4, 5, 8/1987) Constance McCashin, Edwin Newman (3 episodes, episode 2 features a bird in the studio) [GSN]

-(5/11-15/1987) Delta Burke, Stephen Furst (5 episodes, first episode has a $5,000 win. Also the second episode has a ‘Designing Women’ puzzle featured and Delta can’t guess it! 3rd and 4th eps have $5,000 win) [GSN]

-(5/18/1987) Lindsay Bloom, Jack Carter ($10,000 win!) [GSN]

-(5/19/1987) Lindsay Bloom, Jack Carter (Diane Amos (aka the Pine-Sol lady wins $5,000) [GSN]

-(5/20-22/1987) Lindsay Bloom, Jack Carter (3 more episodes, Diane wins $10,000 more on episode 5) [GSN]

-(5/25-29/1987) Susan Ruttan, Ed Winter (5 episodes, 1st episode features a $5k win and Diane is defeated) [GSN]

-(6/1-5/1987) Lauri Hendler, Christopher Hewitt (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(6/8-12/1987) Edie McClurg, James Hampton (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(6/15-16, 19/1987) Vicki Lawrence, Joe Campanella (3 episodes) [GSN]

-(6/22-25/1987) Leann Hunley, Kevin Peter Hall (4 episodes) [GSN]

-(6/26, 29-30, 7/1-2/1987) Deborah Tranelli, Roger E. Mosley (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(7/5-6/1987) Marcia Wallace, Tony Papenfuss (Darryl #1 speaks!) (2 episodes, $30,000 win on second ep) [GSN]

-(7/13, 16/1987) Emma Samms, Jonathan Prince (2 eps; $10,000 win on second episode) [GSN]

-(7/20-24/1987) Marsha Warfield, Marty Cohen (5 eps) [GSN]

-(7/27-30/1987) ALL-STAR! Pat Sajak, Jill Whelan, Joel Brooks, Phyllis Diller (4 eps) [GSN]

-(8/31, 9/1-2/1987) ALL-STAR! Abby Dalton, William Christopher, Dean Butler, Ken Kercheval (3 eps, great Gene Wood cameo on 3rd ep) [GSN]

-(8/10-14/1987) Martha Smith, Richard Simmons (5 eps; $40,000 win on episode 3, Gene Wood on camera on episode 5!) [GSN]

-(9/7-11/1987) Jamie Farr, Stuart Pankin (5 eps; $35,000 win on the first; on the 5th there‘s a puzzle board malfunction during the first puzzle, so Bert has to write the words for it by hand!) [GSN]

-(9/14-15, 17-18/1987) ALL-STAR! Clifton Davis, Constance McCashin, Nichelle Nichols, Richard Kline (4 episodes) [GSN]

-(9/21-23, 25/1987) Vanessa Williams, Steven Furst (4 episodes, 3rd has $25,000 win!) [GSN]

-(9/28/1987) Marsha Warfield, Tom Poston [GSN]

-(9/29/1987) Marsha Warfield, Tom Poston ($15,000 win!) [GSN]

-(9/30, 10/1-2/1987) Marsha Warfield, Tom Poston (2 more episodes; Win Lose or Draw mentioned on the second, also $10k win occurs) [GSN]

-(10/15-16/1987) Jenny O’Hara, Tom Villard (2 episodes; $15,000 win on second ep.) [GSN]

-(10/19-23/1987) ALL-STAR! Grant Goodeve, Lani O’Grady, Adam Rich, Susan Richardson (5 eps) [GSN]

-(10/26-30/1987) Betty White, Dick Martin (5 episodes; $5k wins on Tuesday and Wednesday eps; $10k win on Friday) [GSN]

-(11/9, 12-13/1987) Lydia Cornell, James Hampton (3 episodes; $25k win on the first, $15k win on the third) [GSN]

-(11/16-20/1987) ALL-STAR! Markie Post, Marsha Warfield, Jack Coleman, Leann Hunley (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(11/24/1987) Daphne Maxwell-Reid, Brad Garrett (a puzzle about Gene Wood and a cameo) [GSN]

-(11/25, 27/1987) Daphne Maxwell-Reid, Brad Garrett (2 more episodes) [GSN]

-(11/30, 12/1-4/1987) Roz Ryan, Richard Simmons (5 episodes; Richard has a dalmation on Friday) [GSN]

-(1/7-11/1987) Edie McClurg, Jamie Farr (5 episodes; $50,000 win on Monday! $15k win on Wednesday, $10k win on Friday) [GSN]

-(12/14-16/1987) Sally Struthers, David Doyle (3 episodes, the second episode has a unique situation where two Alphabetics rounds are played in a row, with varying results, mind you…) [GSN]

-(12/21-25/1987) ALL-STAR! Jayne Wyatt, Lauren Chapin, Elinor Donahue, Billy Gray (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(12/28/1987) James Doohan, Michael Dorn (Bert is happy since he was not responsible for an error!) [GSN]

-(12/29/1988) James Doohan, Michael Dorn (Bert does an imitation of the ‘Star Trek’ spaceship in crisis) [GSN]

-(12/30, 1/1/1988) James Doohan, Michael Dorn (2 other episodes) [GSN]

-(1/4-6, 1/8/1988) Phyllis Diller, Marty Cohen (4 episodes) [GSN]

-(1/11-15/1988) Audrey Landers, Bruce Baum (5 episodes; the first episode contains the $55,000 win by infamous con artist Kerry Ketchum a.k.a. Patrick Quinn, a.k.a. the idiot who instead of hiding out like a criminal on the run would usually do, decided to go on NATIONAL FREAKIN’ TELEVISION with every cop possible watching. Did he REALLY think he’d get away with this?!) [GSN]

-(1/18-22/1988) Patty Duke, Rip Taylor (5 episodes; Milton Berle appears at the end of Monday, Rip takes his toupee off on Thursday, and goes without his toupee on Friday; also a $45k win occurs) [GSN]

-(1/25-29/1988) Vicki Lawrence, Stuart Pankin (5 episodes; $5k wins on the first three, Concentration puzzle on the 4th, and Gene Wood on camera on the 5th) [GSN]

-(2/1-5/1988) Dawnn Lewis, Ken Kercheval (5 episodes; Gene Wood on camera on Monday, Bert has a teddy bear on Tuesday, Dawnn mentions she wrote the theme for the sitcom A Different World on Wednesday) [GSN]

-(2/8-11/1988) ALL-STAR! Dwayne Hickman, Connie Stevens, Scott Grimes, Tricia Leigh Fisher (4 episodes; first week to have star-wipe intros) [GSN]

-(2/15-19/1988) Daphne Maxwell-Reid, Clifton Davis (5 episodes; $10k win on episode 2, $5k win on episode 3, $10k win on episode 5) [GSN]

-(2/22-26/1988) ALL-STAR! Vicki Lawrence, Lyle Waggoner, Harvey Korman, McLean Stevenson (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(3/1/1988) Betty White, Dick Cavett (5 episodes; $5k win on the first; $15,000 win and Gene Wood on camera on the 4th) [GSN]

-(3/8-11/1988) ALL-STAR! Hal Linden, Ron Carey, Gregory Sierra, Max Gail (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(3/14/1988) Jenny O’Hara, Christopher Hewett (“Come on down“ is a puzzle on episode 1; also $10k win, Gene Wood on camera, first week to permanently use star-wipe intros) [GSN]

-(3/15-16/1988) Jenny O’Hara, Christopher Hewett (2 more eps; $5k wins on both) [GSN]

-(3/17-18/1988) Jenny O’Hara, Christopher Hewett (2 more episodes) [GSN]

-(3/21-25/1988) Marsha Warfield, Joe Alaskey (5 episodes; $15,000 win on first episode, on the 5th episode Bert does another Star Trek ship-in-crisis impression) [GSN]

-(3/28-31, 4/1/1988) Roz Ryan, Tom Poston (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(4/4-9/1988) Jennifer Savidge, Joel Brooks (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(4/12-16/1988) Edie McClurg, Pat Sajak (5 episodes; $5k win on episodes 1 & 2, Gene Wood on camera on episode 2, $15,000 win on episode 4) [GSN]

-(4/19-23/1988) Constance McCashin, Stephen Furst (5 episodes, $10k win on episode 2, $15k and $5k wins in episode 5) [GSN]

-(4/25-29/1988) Susan Ruttan, Scoey Mitchell (5 episodes, $25,000 win on episode 5) [GSN]

-(5/2-6/1988) Daphne Maxwell-Reid, Rip Taylor (5 episodes, $10,000 win on episode 2, Bert wears Rip’s toupee on episode 3, Rip goes w/out his toupee on episodes 4 & 5, $15,000 win on episode 5) [GSN]

-(5/9-13/1988) ALL-STAR! Bob & Ginny Newhart, Dick & Dolly Martin (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(5/16-20/1988) Ilene Graff, Clarence Felder (5 episodes; $5k win on first ep, on episode 3, Pat Sajak arrives and explains the difference between a cyclone and a tornado, $25,000 win on episode 5) [GSN]

-(5/23-25, 27/1988) Molly Cheek, Roger E. Mosley ($10,000 win, one of the contestants was on Eubanks’ Card Sharks a year earlier, 4 episodes) [GSN]

-(5/30, 6/1-3/1988) Nancy Stafford, Nathan Cook (4 episodes, $15,000 win! Nathan died just 8 days after this week of shows first aired L ) [GSN]

-(6/13-17/1988) Phyllis Diller, Leonard Maltin (5 episodes, $10,000 win on episode 2) [GSN]

-(6/20-24/1988) Carol Channing, Betty White (5 episodes, Monday has Gene Wood on camera, Tuesday has a puzzle devoted to Carol, and Friday has a $35,000 win) [GSN]

-(7/4-7/1988) Marsha Warfield, Pat McCormick (4 episodes, $15,000 win and Gene Wood on camera on episode 3, AWESOME moment with Gene Wood on camera on episode 4!) [GSN]

-(7/12-15/1988) Dionne Warwick, David Doyle (4 episodes) [GSN]

-(7/18/1988) Rebeca Arthur, Theodore Bikel ($25,000 win!) [GSN]

-(7/27-31/1988) ALL-STAR! Shalane McCall, Rob Stone, Allison Smith, Jory Hussein (5 episodes; episode 4 has problems with the puzzle board) [GSN]

-(8/15-19/1988) Vicki Lawrence, Pat Sajak (5 episodes) [GSN]
-(8/23-26/1988) Anne Meara, Paul Kreppel (4 episodes) [GSN]
-(8/29-9/1/1988) Ilene Graff, Ken Kercheval (5 episodes) [GSN]
-(9/5-9/1988) Tonya Crowe, Mary Tanner (5 episodes) [GSN]
-(9/1988) Daphne Maxwell-Reid, Joe Alaskey (3 episodes) [GSN]
-(9/19/1988) Emma Samms, Ron Masak (Gene Wood cameo) [GSN]
-(9/22-23/1988) Emma Samms, Ron Masak (2 more episodes) [GSN]
-(9/26/1988) Dee Wallace-Stone, Tom Poston (4 episodes; first has another awesome Gene Wood cameo) [GSN]
-(10/3-4/1988) Marcia Wallace, G. Gordon Liddy (2 episodes; $30,000 win on episode 1) [GSN]

-(10/10-14/1988) Roz Ryan, Marc Summers (5 episodes; $20,000 win on episode 1) [GSN]
-(10/17, 21/1988) ALL-STAR! Lainie Kazan, Dorian Harewood, Chad Everett, Jack Jones (2 episodes) [GSN]
-(10/31/1988) Edie McClurg, Christopher Hewett (Halloween; complete with tricks and treats!) [GSN]
-(11/1-4/1988) Edie McClurg, Christopher Hewett (4 more episodes; $30,000 win on Friday) [GSN]
-(11/7-11/1988) ALL-STAR! Lucille Ball, Carol Channing, Betty White, Dick Martin (5 episodes) [GSN]
-(11/18/1988) Dionne Warwick, Jamie Farr [GSN]
-(11/21/1988) ALL-STAR! Greg Barton, Tracie Ruis-Conforto, Dwight Stones, Louise Ritter [GSN]
-(11/28-30, 12/1-2/1988) Marsha Warfield, Jerry Orbach (5 episodes; $50,000 win on the fourth episode; also OB copy of fourth episode) [GSN]
-(12/9/1988) Alix Elias, Roger E. Mosley [GSN]
-(12/12-16/1988) Leann Hunley, Pat Sajak ($15,000 win on Monday; 5 episodes) [GSN]
-(12/19-23/1988) Ilene Graff, Pat Harrington (5 episodes; Christmas week show) [GSN]
-(12/26-30/1988) Rebeca Arthur, Stuart Pankin (5 episodes; Christmas week show) [GSN]
-(1/3-6/1989) Roz Ryan, Bill Kirchenbauer (4 episodes; $20,000 win on episode 1) [GSN]
-(1/13/1989) Phyllis Diller, Ron Masak [GSN]
-(1/16-20/1989) Emma Samms, Ken Kercheval (5 episodes) [GSN]
-(1/23-27/1989) Liz Sheridan, Clifton Davis (5 episodes; $20,000 win on episode 2; $5k win on the 2nd and 3rd eps; $10k win on episode 5) [GSN]
-(1/30-2/3/1989) Rebeca Arthur, Tom Poston (5 episodes) [GSN]
-(2/6-7, 9-10/1989) Pat Carroll, Andrew Stevens (4 episodes) [GSN]
-(2/13-15, 17/1989) Betty White, McLean Stevenson (4 episodes) [GSN]
-(2/20-24, 27/1989) Edie McClurg, Pat Harrington (6 episodes) [GSN]
-(2/28, 3/1-3/1989) Marsha Warfield, Jamie Farr (4 episodes) [GSN]
-(3/7/1989) Marsha Warfield, Jamie Farr [GSN]
-(3/14-17/1989) Nancy Stafford, Stephen Furst (4 episodes) [GSN]
-(3/20-24/1989) Betty White, Christopher Hewett (final week, 5 episodes) [GSN, also OB copy of finale]