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Shows I-M

It’s News To Me (John Daly) (2 episodes)

-(7/20/1952) Quentin Reynolds, Martha Smith, Mel Allen, Anna Lee [GSN/INTM-1]

-(8/1952) June Lockhart, Anna Lee, John Faulk, Quentin Reynolds [GSN/INTM-1]

I’ve Got A Secret (Garry Moore) (48 episodes)

-(7/17/1952) Buster Keaton is the guest [GSN]

-(12/19/1956) Christmas Show! with Garry Moore, Bill Cullen, and Henry Morgan ONLY [GSN]

-(2/11/1959) Johnny Carson, Betsy Palmer, Bess Myerson, Henry Morgan (Rocky Garziano is the guest) [GSN]

-(2/10/1960) Johnny Carson, Bess Myerson, Henry Morgan (Steve Allen is the guest) [GSN]

-(1/11/1961) Johnny Carson, Betsy Palmer, Bess Myerson, Henry Morgan (Patrice Munsel is the guest) [GSN]

-(2/15/1961) Johnny Carson, Betsy Palmer, Bess Myerson, Henry Morgan (Lucille Ball is the guest) [GSN]

NOTE: The following episodes below have these panelists: Bill Cullen, Bess Myerson, Henry Morgan, and Betsy Palmer:

-(10/31/1956) Bud Collyer is the guest; Halloween episode [GSN]

-(9/30/1959) Mitch Miller is the guest; Bess makes her own record, first episode sponsored by Bristol-Myers [GSN]

-(10/28/1959) Hugh O'Brien is the guest; with motorized roller skates [GSN]

-(11/18/1959) Jayne Meadows is the guest; the infamous episode where the cow does the #2 on the stage! [GSN]

-(11/25/1959) Eva Gabor is the guest; the infamous cow who "ad-libbed" on the stage the previous week is the first contestant [GSN]

-(1/20/1960) Edmund O'Brien is the guest (Betsy has a bit of a "wardrobe malfunction" in round 1!) [GSN]

-(2/17/1960) Peter Lorre is the guest [GSN]

-(3/16/1960) Olivia deHavilland is the guest [GSN]

-(3/30/1960) Janis Page is the guest [GSN]

-(4/7/1960)  Mel Torme is the guest [GSN]

-(6/8/1960) Tony Perkins is the guest, a party for some of the staff at the end as they're moving to a different studio [GSN]

-(11/6/1961) Vivian Vance is the guest [GSN]

-(1/8/1962) Peter Lawford, Betsy Palmer, Don Ameche, Bess Myerson (Tom Ewell is the guest) [GSN]

-(1/29/1962) Michel de la Vega is the guest, and performs magic tricks with Garry [GSN]

-(2/5/1962) Michael Reenie is the guest [GSN]

-(2/12/1962) Michel de la Vega is the guest, and performs a hypnosis trick on Garry [GSN]

-(2/29/1962) James Garner is the guest [GSN]

-(3/5/1962) Milton Berle is the guest [GSN]

-(3/12/1962) Liberace is the guest [GSN]

-(3/19/1962) Douglas Fairbanks is the guest [GSN]

-(4/3/1962) Van Johnson is the guest [GSN]

-(9/10/1962) No special guest -- features the panel shooting a promo for the show’s new time [GSN]

-(9/17/1962) Paul Anka is the guest (at this point the show is at a new time, also new logo and theme music) [GSN]

-(9/24/1962) Victor Borge is the guest [GSN]

-(10/29/1962) Jane Powell is the guest; segment one has some very precocious kids [GSN]

-(11/12/1962) Carol Burnett is the guest [GSN]

-(12/17/1962) Arthur Godfrey is the guest; Christmas show [GSN]

-(12/31/1962) Guy Lombardo is the guest (an audience member sits in for Bess) [GSN]

-(3/11/1963) Dick Van Dyke is the guest [GSN]

-(3/18/1963) Carol Burnett is the guest [GSN]

-(3/25/1963) Meredith Wilson is the guest [GSN]

-(4/1/1963) Dorothy Loudon & Stuart Somerstein are the guests [GSN]

-(6/3/1963) Hugh O’Brien is the guest (Henry and Garry switch places in round 2) [GSN]

-(10/28/1963) Groucho Marx is the guest [GSN]

-(11/4/1963) Durwood Kirby is the guest [GSN]

-(11/11/1963) Jack E. Leonard is the guest [GSN]

-(5/18/1964) Armed Forces Salute [GSN]

-(3/30/1964) Bette Davis is the guest [GSN]

-(4/6/1964) Wally Cox is the guest (also features Col. Sanders!) [GSN]

-(5/1/1964) Durwood Kirby is the guest [GSN]

-(11/6/1964) Robert Goulet is the guest [GSN]


I've Got A Secret (Betsy Palmer) (2 episodes)

-(2/3/1960) Durward Kirby, Carol Burnett, HM, BM [GSN]

-(8/16/1961) Edie Adams is the guest [GSN]


I've Got A Secret (Henry Morgan) (3 episodes)

-(1/22/1962) Bill Cullen, Betsy Palmer, Don Ameche, Bess Myerson (Hugh O'Brien is the guest) [GSN]

-(3/26/1962) Bill Cullen, Betsy Palmer, Merv Griffin, Bess Myerson (Ann Sothern is the guest) [GSN]

-(12/17/1962) Arthur Godfrey is the guest [GSN]


I’ve Got A Secret (Steve Allen) (7 episodes)

-(12/31/1962) Henry Morgan, Lorraine Bloy (an audience member that fills in for Bess), Buddy Hackett, Betsy Palmer [GSN]

NOTE: The following episodes below again have these panelists: Bill Cullen, Bess Myerson, Henry Morgan, and Betsy Palmer:

-(9/21/1964) Edie Adams is the guest; Steve's first show! [GSN]

-(11/23/1964) Louis Nye is the guest and appears with a Thanksgiving secret [GSN]

-(1/18/1965) Tom Poston, Peggy Cass, Orson Bean, Kitty Carlisle (TTTT panel; Alan King is the guest) [GSN]

-(6/12/1965) Arlene Francis is the guest [GSN]

-(5/16/1966) Shelley Winters is the guest [GSN]

-(1/24/1966) Frank Gorshin is the guest; also one of the guests was the first person ever to appear on television [GSN]

-(4/3/1967) Lynn Redgrave is the guest (finale, black and white kinescope, this originally aired in color) [KIN-OC]


(The New) I’ve Got A Secret (Steve Allen) (10 episodes)

-(1972) Pat Carroll, Arte Johnson, Anita Gilette, Richard Dawson (Bob Barker is the guest) [GSN]

-(1972) Pat Carroll, Henry Morgan, Nanette Fabray, Richard Dawson (Rod Serling is the guest) [GSN]

-(1972) Henry Morgan, Meredith MacRae, Richard Dawson, Pat Carroll (Paul Lynde is the guest) [GSN]

-(1972) Jayne Meadows, Bill Bixby, Brenda Benet, Jack Cassidy (Alan Alda is the guest) [GSN]

-(1972) Pat Carroll, Gene Rayburn, Nanette Fabray, Richard Dawson (Charles Nelson Reilly is the guest, former TPIR model Janice Pennington helps him) [GSN]

-(1972) Anita Gilette, Bert Convy, Jayne Meadows, Bert Convy (Cliff Robertson is the guest, also a game is involved with the voices of Charlie Brown and Snoopy (aka Bill Melindez)!) [GSN]

-(1972) Pat Carroll, Alan Alda, Betty White, Richard Dawson (Milton Berle is the guest, GSN's 21st game show of all time) [GSN]

-(1972) Pat Carroll, Bert Convy, Anita Gilette, Richard Dawson (George Burns is the guest) [GSN]

-(1973) Anita Gillette, Jayne Meadows, Richard Dawson, Henry Morgan (Don Knotts is the guest) [GSN]
-(1973) Pat Carroll, Henry Morgan, Anita Gilette, Richard Dawson (Anne Meara is the guest) [GSN]


I’ve Got A Secret (Bill Cullen) (1 episode)

-(1975) Pilot (?) episode with Elaine Joyce, Richard Dawson, Pat Collins, Henry Morgan (Rodney Dangerfield is the guest) [SM]


I’ve Got A Secret (Stephanie Miller) (2 episodes)

-(2000) Amy Yasbeck, Jason Kravits, Teri Garr, Jm J Bullock [OXYGEN]

-(2001) Amy Yasbeck, Jason Kravits, Teri Garr, Jm J Bullock (Charo appears) [OXYGEN]


I've Got A Secret (Bil Dwyer) (4 episodes)

NOTE: The following episodes below have these panelists: Billy Bean, Suzanne Westenhoeffer, Frank DeCaro, and Jermaine Taylor:
-(4/17/2006) Adam West is the guest; first show, the last secret is rather disturbing [GSN]
-(4/18/2006) no celeb guest featured [GSN]
-(4/19/2006) Corbin Bernsen is the guest [GSN]

-(2006) Glen Campbell is the guest [GSN]


Jackpot! (Geoff Edwards) (3 episodes)

-(1/2/1975; taped in 1974; NBC) $38,750 Super Jackpot Win! [SM]

-(1989; Syndie) Friday episode, Super Jackpot win [OB]

-(1989; Syndie) Diane @ KOTH [GSN]


Jackpot! (Mike Darrow) (2 episodes)

-(1985) Jim is King of the Hill [USA]

-(1987) Wayne is King of the Hill [USA]


The Joker's Wild (Allen Ludden) (1 episode)
-(1969) Pilot with celebrities representing categories and reading questions [KIN]


The Joker’s Wild (Jack Barry) (17 episodes)

1972-75 CBS era:

-(9/4/1972) Episode #1 -  Ed vs. Susan (Is Ed smarter at football or cooking?) [GSN]

-(9/5/1972) Episode #2 – Ed vs. Mary [GSN]

-(9/6/1972) Episode #3 – Mary vs. Tex [GSN]

-(9/7/1972) Episode #4 – Tex vs. Prize Board [GSN]

-(9/8/1972) Episode #5 – Barbra vs. Bob [GSN]

-(1972) the 16th episode, from the Sky Blue Era [GSN]

-(1972) Christmas episode with the Santa’s replacing the Jokers! [GSN]

-(1973) Ken vs. Patti (Joker’s Jackpot Win) [GSN]

-(1973) Ken vs. Katherine [GSN]

-(1973) Ken vs. Ingrid (Johnny Gilbert announces) [GSN]

-(6/13/1975) Final CBS Show; Fred vs. The Devil (very classy speech by Jack at the end) [SM]

1977-86 Syndicated era:

-(12/1977) Donna vs. Pasqualli (the bonus lever is broken!!) [GSN]

-(1978) Hal vs. Kathy (Great second game!) [GSN]

-(5/1979) Claudia vs. Rich [GSN]

-(5/1979) Mike @ The Devil [GSN]

-(1979) Jennifer @ The Devil [GSN]

-(1984) Mike vs. Al (audience game played, GSN's 24th game show of all time) [GSN]


The Joker’s Wild (Bill Cullen) (2 episodes)

-(1985; Syndicated) Steve vs. Cindy [GSN]

-(1986; Syndicated) Al vs. Cheryl [GSN]


Knockout (Arte Johnson) (1 episode)

-(1977) Possibly the only existing episode [OB]


Las Vegas Gambit (Wink Martindale) (2 episodes)

-(1981) O’Neils @ bonus round [OC]

-(11/27/1981) Finale and last Single's week ep [OB]


Legends of the Hidden Temple (Kirk Fogg) (1 episode)

-(1993) final teams - Red Jaguars vs. Silver Snakes [GaS] 


Let’s Make A Deal (Monty Hall) (26 episodes)

-(1969; ABC) Green tinted kinescope; Jay Stewart says to stay tuned for “Newlywed Game,” w/ABC logo, the nighttime version aired Fridays @ 8:00 [KIN-OC]

-(12/1/1970) ABC daytime episode – First contestants: Mr. & Mrs. Lacey [GSN]

-(1970) ABC daytime episode - First contestants: Ellen Francis, Dick Gadio, Lisa Walters [GSN]

-(1971) First contestants: Mr. & Mrs. Coughtrie [GSN]

-(1971) First contestant: Joy House [GSN]

-(1971) First contestants: Mercedes King, Bernard Strancik, Aida Sheriff [GSN]

-(1971) First contestant is: Eileen Bigler [GSN]

-(1971) First contestant is: Virginia Rasty [GSN]

-(1971) First contestant is: Sandy Avery [GSN]

-(1971) First contestants are: Gary Deeder and Linda Gates [GSN]

-(1971) First contestants are: Cathy Smart and Lori Wilkinson [GSN]

-(1972) episode #30 - First contestants: Gail, Ronald, Willeta [GSN]

-(1972) episode #44 - First contestants: Donna Huggins, Chris Smith [GSN]

-(1973) episode #99 - First contestant: Irlyn Chandler [GSN]

-(1973) First contestants: Olivia, Kay [GSN]

-(1973) First contestants: Vicky [GSN]

-(1975) episode #187 (Milton Berle is the celebrity guest) [GSN]

-(1975) episode #210 - First contestant: Vicky Currie [GSN]

-(1975) episode #213 - First contestants: Debbie Mulcahy, Carol Bolden, Chris Circle [GSN]
-(1976) episode #219 - First contestant: Lynn Hanson [GSN]
-(1976) episode #233 - First contestant: Irene Hawk [GSN]
-(1976) episode #235 - First contestant: Chayo Contraras [GSN]

-A new car is won during the super deal! [GSN]

-$29, 337 win; Could the contestant be more shocked?! [GSN]

-If one of the winning couples had went on with the super deal... [GSN]

-1st contestant: Barbara [GSN]

-1st contestant: Charlene [GSN]

-(1976-77 season episode) 1st contestants: Marie & Richard Elwell [GSN]

-(1967-77 season episode) 1st contestants: Carol, Joann, Lana [GSN]

-(1977) Hilton episode [OC-WPIX]

-(1977) Final Hilton episode; and last episode of the series (Joanna Gleason appears at the beginning) [GSN]


(The All-New) Let's Make A Deal (Monty Hall) (30 episodes)

-(8/1984) episode #8 - First contestants: Dayle Columbo, Gisele Monroe[GSN/TANLMAD-1]
-(8/1984) episode #10 - First contestant: Cathy Anson [GSN/TANLMAD-1]
-(8/1984) episode #11 - First contestants: Debbie, Mark, and Jim [GSN/TANLMAD-1]
-(8/1984) episode #12 - First contestants: Susie Lacey, Carolyn Cox[GSN/TANLMAD-1]
-(8/1984) episode #13 - First contestant: Carmen Davidson [GSN/TANLMAD-1]
-(8/1984) episode #14 - First contestant: Karen Fuchs [GSN/TANLMAD-1]
-(1984) episode #72 - First contestants: Nancy Roche, Lisa Mrosek, and Sharon Strutechy [GSN/TANLMAD-2]
-(1984) episode #73 - First contestant: Tracy Wayne [GSN/TANLMAD-2]
-(1984) episode #74 - First contestants: Julie McDonnas and Don Cox  [GSN/TANLMAD-2]
-(1984) episode #75 - First contestants: Jerry and Ruth White [GSN/TANLMAD-2]
-(1984) episode #77 - First contestants: Carrie Groaner, Linda Vaughn, Chuck Papas [GSN/TANLMAD-2]

-(5/1985) episode #135 (Monty's first episode back after Geoff's subbing) [GSN]

-(5/1985) episode #136 [GSN]

-(5/1985) episode #137 (Monty forgets his microphone!) [GSN]

-(5/1985) episode #138 [GSN]

-(5/1985) episode #139 [GSN]

-(5/1985) episode #145 - First contestant is: Barbara Koontz (a contestant briefly hosts during part of a deal!) [GSN]

-(1985) episode #158 – First contestants are: Chenille Wilmington, Bud Burden, and Cathy Bernstein [GSN]
-(1985) episode #159 – First contestant is: Tina McGinley [GSN]
-(1985) episode #160 – First contestants are: Mr. & Mrs. Bannel [GSN]
-(1985) episode #161 – First contestant is: Cindy Street [GSN]
-(1985) episode #162 – First contestants are: Michelle Cambra, Walt Petikov, and Lollita Rachelle [GSN]
-(1985) episode #163 – First contestant is: Anthony Elias [GSN]
-(1985) episode #164 – First contestants are: Pam Stayley and John Fitzgerald [GSN]
-(1985) episode #165 – First contestant is: Kahlid El-Gabu [GSN]
-(1985) episode #166 – First contestants are: Sylvie Adams and Sharon Busk [GSN]
-(1985) episode #167 – First contestant is: Patty Smith [GSN]
-(1985) episode #168 - First contestants are: Tisha Rosal and Yvette Guevarra [GSN]
-(1985) episode #169 - First contestant is: Lori Beckley [GSN]
-(1985) episode #170 - First contestant is: Roxanne Brooks (first season finale) [GSN]

(The All-New) Let’s Make A Deal (Geoff Edwards) (4 episodes)

-(5/1985) episode #131 [GSN]

-(5/1985) episode #132 [GSN]

-(5/1985) episode #133 [GSN]

-(5/1985) episode #134 [GSN]


Lingo (Chuck Woolery) (4 episodes)

-(2002) Danielle & Sara vs. Caleb & Chris [GSN]

-(12/14/2002) Bill & Mollie Ann vs. Samantha & Rebecca (Christmas Show) [GSN]

-(2/13/2003) Sandy & Patti vs. Carrie & Valisa (only ONE Lingo ball is earned in Bonus Lingo!) [GSN]

-(7/21/2003) Stacey & Tami (they return because of an error) vs. Andrea & Kellie [GSN]


Lingo (Chuck Woolery/Stacy Hayes) (7 episodes)

-(10/7/2003) Scott vs. Kelley (Butt Monkey political party) vs. Ron (Democrat) & David (Republican) (Stacey’s first episode) [GSN]

-(2003) Shannon & Dawn vs. Yoli & Derion [GSN]

-(2003) Cassandra & Tom vs. Sandra & Tommy [GSN]

-(2003) Dana & Eric vs. Amy & Trish [GSN]

-(2003) Sam & Vicki vs. Tarashaun & Matt [GSN]

-(2003) Robert & Abbey vs. Randy & Mike [GSN]

-(2003) Lauren & Josh vs. Steffanie & Scott [GSN]


Lingo (Chuck Woolery/Shandi Fennessey) (4 episodes)

-(8/1/2005) Sabrina & Lindsay vs. Amy & Jennifer [GSN]

-(8/2/2005) Yan & Serge vs. Kat & Mila [GSN]

-(8/2/2005) Danielle & Cher vs. Jeff & Lara [GSN]

-(2006) Adam & Zoe vs. Jason & Frantz [GSN]**


Lohman & Barkley's Namedroppers (Al Lohman & Roger Barkley) (1 episode)

-(3/26/1970) Bob Cummings, Ruth Buzzi, Bob Newhart (second to last episode) [SM]


The Love Experts (Bill Cullen) (2 episodes)

-(1978) Joanne Worley, Geoff Edwards, Elaine Joyce, Soupy Sales; Guests: Linda, Kristin, Muffy [SM]

-(1978) Joanne Worley, Geoff Edwards, Elaine Joyce, Soupy Sales; Guests: Ellen, Brian, Terry [SM]


“Make Me Laugh!” (Bobby Van) (4 episodes)

-(1979) Johnny Dark, Bill Kirkenbauer, Roger & Roger (pilot episode) [OB]

-(1979) Garry Shandling, Bruce Baum, Roger & Roger - Special Guest: Bert Convy [OB]

-(1979) Garry Shandling, Bruce Baum, Roger & Roger - Special Guest: Janelle White [OB]

-(1979) Roger & Roger, Bruce Baum, Garry Shandling - Special Guest: Elvin Bishop [SM]


Make the Connection (Jim McKay) (1 episode)

-(1955) Betty White, Gene Clavin, Gloria DeHaven, Eddie Bracken, Jack Carson is the guest [GSN]


Make The Connection (Gene Rayburn) (3 episodes)

-(1955) Betty White, Gene Clavin, Lorraine Day, Eddie Bracken, and Guest Buster Keaton, another episode with same panel [GSN]

-(1955) Betty White, Barbara Britton, Gene Clavin, Eddie Bracken (George Jessel is the guest) [GSN]


Match Game Hollywood Squares Hour (Gene Rayburn/Jon Bauman) (1 episode)

-(1984) Bill Daily, Richard Kline, Leonard Frey, Nancy Stafford, George Gobel, Tom Wiggin, Elaine Joyce, Jimmie Walker (first day of phone match; phone match win!) [OC; WNBC]


Merv Griffin's Crosswords (Ty Treadway) (3 episodes)

-(9/10/2007) Nevelle vs. Pam [OB-WXIA]

-(9/13/2007) Ward vs. Annette [OB-WXIA]

-(9/14/2007) Marty vs. Angela [OB-WXIA]


Mindreaders (Dick Martin) (2 episodes)

-(8/15/1979) Nipsey Russell, Patty Duke Astin (3rd episode) [OC-WNBC]

-(12/13/1979) Joyce Bulifant, Jack Jones [OC-WNBC]


Missing Links (Dick Clark) (1 episode)

-(1964) Sam Levinson, Kaye Ballard, Joel Grey (has time code on bottom of screen) [SM-OC]


Monopoly (Mike Reilly) (1 episodes)

-(1990) Barry vs. Bonnie vs. Bart [OB]


The Movie Game (Larry Blyden) (1 episode)

-(1971) Richard Crenna, Shelley Winters & Roscoe Lee Brown vs. Fernando Lamas, Della Reese & Kurt Kasznar (w/slate) [SM]