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1 vs. 100 (Bob Saget) (2 episodes)
-(12/1/2006) First Contestant is: Jay Stakelon (the cast of Las Vegas and former Jeopardy! champion Brad Rutter are mob members, and eww… so is Kevin Federline) [OB-NBC]
-(12/8/2006) First Contestant is: Paula Russell (Bob Eubanks and Wink Martindale are mob members in game 2) [OB-NBC]

The $1.98 Beauty Show (Rip Taylor) (1 episode)

-(1978) Anson Williams, Mabel King, Wayland & Madame (GSN's 41st game show of all time) [GSN]

3’s A Crowd (Jim Peck) (1 episode)

-(1978) Pilot/Test episode with Spaghetti Catfight [GSN]

50 Grand Slam (Tom Kennedy) (1 episode)

-(10/4/1976) Premiere with an appearance by Allen Ludden (also features contestant plug) [OC]

The $10,000 Sweep (Jack Clark) (1 episode)

-(8/10/1972) Unsold Pilot hosted by Jack Clark, with Pyramid-like answers [GSN]

All About Faces (Richard Hayes) (1 episode)

-(1971) Steve Allen & Jayne Meadows vs. Jacqueline Susann & Irving Mansfield [GSN]

All-New 3’s A Crowd (Alan Thicke) (2 episodes)

-(2000) Jay/Joli/Taz & Greg/Samantha/Shaun & Steve/Morgan/LJ [GSN]
-(2000) Tembra/Gary/Lauren & Lauren/Ron/Lisa & Chandra/Eric/Elsa [GSN]

All-Star Secrets (Bob Eubanks) (1 episode)

-(3/1979) Robert Pine, Dody Goodman, Conrad Bain, Anne Lockhart, Robert Guillaume (with ticket plug) [OC-WNBC]

Balderdash (Elayne Boosler) (2 episodes)

-(8/2/2004) Jimmy Pardo,
Tammy Pescatelli, Eric Roberts (premiere) [OB-PAX]
-(2004) Eric Roberts, Stephanie Miller, Rick Overton [PAX]

Battlestars (Alex Trebek) (1 episode)

-(12/25/1981) Todd Bridges, Nancy McKeon, Richard Simmons, Skip Stephenson, Nell Carter, Richard Keil (Christmas Day Show)

The Better Sex (Bill Anderson/Sarah Purcell) (4 episodes)
-(1977) Pilot episode, with seven team members instead of six [SM]
-(9/1977) The women defeat the men and win $5,000 both times! [GSN]
-(11/1977) The "Mean Machine" knock out 30 women with one question [GSN]
-(1978) Finale, with a very somber goodbye (VTR: 12/10/77 Aired: 1/13/78) [SM]

The Big Showdown (Jim Peck) (2 episodes)

-(1974) Pilot episode (This episode is simply called "Showdown") [SM]
-(3/14/1975) Andy vs. Diane vs. Mike (Jim falls down the stairs!) (Episode #68, w/slate, now in great VQ!) [SM]

Blank Check (Art James) (1 episode)

-(1/3/1975) Episode #3 – 1st checkwriter: Maggie Brown (w/slate) [SM]

Blankety Blanks (Bill Cullen) (1 episode)

-(4/21/1975) Premiere with Anne Meara and William (Bill) Shatner [SM]

Break The Bank (Tom Kennedy) (6 episodes)
(4/12-7/23/1976); ABC Daytime
-(4/12/1976) Abe Vigoda, Alice Ghostley (who simply does not understand the game), Jo Ann Pflug, Dick Gautier, Jan Murray, Lynda Carter, Liz Torres, Robert Heyges, Marjoe Gortner (premiere) [OC-KABC]
-(1976) Episode #3 of premiere week (w/slate) [SM/OC]
-(1976) Lonnie Shorr, Dody Goodman, Jaye P. Morgan, Robert Hegyes, Rip Taylor, Fannie Flagg, Marilyn Michaels, Kent McCord, Dick Gautier [GSN]
-(1976) Avery Schreiber, Alice Ghostley, Liz Torres, Bob Crane, Jan Murray, Ja'Net DuBois, Rue McClanahan, Micky Dolenz, Jimmie Walker ($12,000 bank broken!) [GSN]
-(1976) Anson Williams, Tom Bosley, Jan Murray, Lee Meriwhether, Liz Torres, Ja’Net DuBois, Sandy Duncan, Alex Kerras, Kent McCord [GSN]
-(1976) Lonnie Shorr, Elayne Boosler, Jaye P. Morgan, Craig Stevens, Joey Bishop, Meredith MacRae, Liz Torres, Buzz Aldrin, Jimmie Walker (Greed's $2,000,000 loser Dan Avila is a contestant) [GSN]

Break The Bank (Jack Barry) (2 episodes)
(9/18/1976-7/23/1977); Weekly Syndication
-(1976) Anson Williams, Bob Crane, Jaye P. Morgan, William Conrad, Joey Bishop, Barbara Eden, Lee Meriwhether, Bill Cullen, Abe Vigoda (third episode) [GSN] 
-(1976) Nipsey Russell, Shelley Winters, Pearle Bailey, Orson Bean, Jan Murray, Vicki Lawrence, Anne Meara, Bob Barker, Jimmie Walker ($10,000 bank broken!) [GSN]

Bullseye (Jim Lange) (6 episodes)

-(1979) Gail vs. Scott (pilot with $1,000,000 prize [SM, now with somewhat better video]
-(9/29/1980) Scott vs. Royanne (premiere, w/slate) [SM]
-(1981) Judy vs. the lightning; (last ep. with regular contestants, mentioned before the start of the show) [USA]

-(1981) “Celebrity Bullseye” - Lynn Redgrave and Harvey Korman (premiere of celebrity version)  [GSN]
-(1981) “Celebrity Bullseye” - Patrick Wayne, F. Lee Bailey [GSN]
-(1982) “Celebrity Bullseye” - Loanne Bishop vs. Ken Kercheval [USA]

Bumper Stumpers (Al DuBois) (2 episodes)

-(6/29/87) Opening Plate: IGO4IT… Scott & Kate vs. Peter & Steve (premiere) [GSN]
-(1987) Opening Plate: FRE4ALL…Scott & Kate vs. Steve & Scott [GSN]


Catch 21 (Alfonso Ribeiro/Mikki Padilla) (4 episodes)

-(5/13/2009) Adam/Angeli/Jennifer (this episode contains one of the DUMBEST moves on a game show I have ever seen) [GSN]

-(2009) Bonnie/Arron/Conor [GSN]

-(2009) Natasha/Josh/Ian [GSN]

-(10/15/2009) ALL-STAR! Melody Thomas-Scott/Brandon Barash/Jackie Zeman [GSN]


Celebrity Charades (Jay Johnson & Squeaky) (1 episode)

-(1979) Judy Landers, Stephen Shortridge, Jamie Farr, Ted Lange, Jon “Bowzer” Bauman, Vernee Watson-Johnson, Mark Withers, Judy Norton-Taylor [GSN]


Celebrity Sweepstakes (Jim McKrell) (1 episode)
-(1973) John Astin, Lucie Arnaz Jane Withers, Ted Knight, Dean Jones, & Patty Duke Astin (pilot) [SM]
Chain Reaction (Bill Cullen) (7 episodes)

-(10/28/1979) Nipsey Russell and Joyce Bulifant (pilot) [SM]
-(1/14/1980) Joyce Bulifant, Patty Duke Astin, Fred Grandy, Nipsey Russell (premiere; $10 win, lol!) [GSN]
-(2/1980) Lois Nettleton, Soupy Sales, Debralee Scott, Jay Johnson [GSN]
-(1980) Joanne Worley, Sal Viscuso, Sharon Spellman, Steve Kanaly [USA]
-(1980) Anita Gilette, Ken Kercheval, Judy Norton-Taylor, Richard Paul (with ticket plug) [USA]

-(5/1980) Joanne Worley, Steve Kanaly, Sal Viscuso, Sarah Spellman [OC-WNBC]

-(6/20/1980) Betty White, Joyce Bulifant, Jay Johnson, Ron Silver (finale, w/all-star bonus round) [OC]

Chain Reaction (Geoff Edwards) (2 episodes)

-(1987) Cindy & Liz vs. Arnold & Karen ($5,000 win!) [USA]
-(1987) John & Antoinette vs. Fiona & Teresa ($6,000 win!) [USA]
Child’s Play (Bill Cullen) (41 episodes)

-(1982) Pilot episode [SM]
-(9/20/1982) Premiere - Dawn vs. Trudi (Trudi was a contestant on P+ in 1981, now with MUCH better video) [GSN]
-(9/21/1982) Episode #2 – Dawn vs. Jay (Jay was on Match Game '79 three years earlier) [GSN]
-(9/22/1982) Episode #3 – Jay vs. Terri [GSN]
-(9/23/1982) Episode #4 – Terri vs. Adele (slight format change: clips are no longer restarted in fast play round) [GSN]
-(9/24/1982) Episode #5 – Terri vs. Wayne [GSN]
-(9/27/1982) Episode #6 - Terri vs. Susan (a young Breckin Meyer appears and defines a word in the fast play round) [GSN]
-(9/28/1982) Episode #7 - Terri vs. Hubert [GSN]
-(9/29/1982) Episode #8 - Terrie (not a misspelling; a new player) vs. Debbie  (Terrie was on P+ two years earlier) [GSN]
-(9/30/1982) Episode #9 - Terrie vs. Kevin (one of the phrases described is "game show") [GSN]
-(10/1/1982) Episode #10 - Terrie vs. Karen (the word "excuse" is described by two brothers at the same time) [GSN]
-(10/4/1982) Episode #11 - Terrie vs. Steve [GSN]
-(10/5/1982) Episode #12 - Terrie vs. Cathy [GSN]
-(10/6/1982) Episode #13 - Cathy vs. Ray [GSN]
-(10/7/1982) Episode #14 - Cathy vs. Karen (Triple play has to be stopped and restarted) [GSN]
-(10/8/1982) Episode #15 - Cathy vs. Bernie (Triple play has to be stopped and restarted once more) [GSN]
-(10/12/1982) Heidi vs. Sharon (some of the words in the regular round are not shown to the home audience, also the Triple Play board has a new look) [GSN]
-(10/13/1982) Heidi vs. Gene [GSN]
-(10/14/1982) Heidi vs. Laurie [GSN]
-(10/15/1982) Heidi vs. Suzanne [GSN]
-(10/18/1982) Lisa vs. Emmanuel [GSN]
-(10/19/1982) Lisa vs. Carol [GSN]
-(10/20/1982) Lisa vs. Craig (Mark Goodson appears onstage with one of the children) [GSN]
-(10/21/1982) Lisa vs. Limar [GSN]
-(10/22/1982) Lisa vs. Terri [GSN]
-(10/25/1982) Dave vs. Carrie (one kid doesn't like to describe the word "romance") [GSN]
(10/26/1982) Dave vs. Patti [GSN]
-(10/28/1982) Lynn vs. Ron [GSN]
-(10/29/1982) Lynn vs. Cindy [GSN]
-(11/1/1982) Cindy vs. Karen [GSN]
-(11/2/1982) Cindy vs. Ed [GSN]
-(11/3/1982) Cindy vs. Deborah (last second $5,000 win!) [GSN]
-(11/9/1982) Pam vs. Sam (one kid has a classic clue for “budget”) [GSN]
-(11/10/1982) Pam vs. Victoria [GSN]
-(11/1982) Dianna vs. Jeff (two children describe one word) [GSN]
-(11/1982) Jeff vs. Jana [GSN]

-(1983) Diane vs. Christopher (a young Tara Reid describes one word) [GSN]

-(1983) Episode #238 – Julie vs. Cindy [GSN]

-(1983) Episode #239 – Cindy vs. Gerry [GSN]

-(1983) Episode #253 - Catherine vs. Marietta [GSN]

-(9/16/1983) Pam vs. Patricia (finale) [GSN]

Choose Up Sides (Bob Kennedy) (1 episode)

-(9/24/1953) Pilot (?) episode [GSN]

Choose Up Sides (Gene Rayburn) (5 episodes)

Bronco Busters vs. Space Pilots
-(1/7/1956) Dino vs. Mark (first Rayburn episode shown) [GSN]
-(1/21/1956) Donna vs. Marilyn  [GSN]
-(1/28/1956) Sal vs. Jerry (YMCA Week) [GSN]
-(2/4/1956) Bob vs. Joe [GSN]
-(2/11/1956) Milton vs. Mario (I think this is the only episode where Mr. Mischief wins his rounds) [GSN]

Click! (Ryan Seacrest) (1 episode)

-(1997) Matt & Chaminam vs. Anjenette & Russell vs. Atousa & Ryan [OB]

Classic Concentration (Alex Trebek) (2 episodes)

-(5/4/1987) Diana vs. David (premiere, and a "WILD" one it is!) [OB]
-(5/5/1990) Larry vs. Gabe (third anniversary, also Cinco de Mayo, Alex walks out wearing a sombrero, “Olé yourself!”) [OB]

Concentration (Jack Narz) (1 episode)

-(1978) Lisa vs. Randy [SM]

The Cross-Wits (Jack Clark) (1 partial episode)

-(11/2/1975) Conny Van Dyke, Greg Morris, Meredith MacRae, Ron Masak (10 min. clip) [SM]
Crosswits (David Sparks) (3 episodes)

-(1986) Richard Kline, Edie McClurg, Stephen Bishop, Lois Bromfield (3 eps) [OB]

The Dating Game (Jim Lange) (12 episodes)
(1965-73); ABC Daytime
-(1966) John Ritter [GSN]     

-(1968) Richard Dawson, Bill Bixby, and Steve Martin play as bachelors [GSN]
-(1968) Steve Martin is a bachelor [GSN]
-(1971) Ron Howard [GSN]
-(1972) Michael Jackson [GSN]      
-(1972) Christmas episode with kids and H.R. Puf-n-stuf appearing [GSN]
(1973-74); Weekly Syndication
-(1973) Arnold Schwarzenegger [GSN]
-(1973) Dick Clark picks a date for an American Bandstand regular [GSN]
-(1973) Suzanne Somers, Ken Norton [GSN]

-(1979) Bob Saget [GSN]
-(1979) Pee Wee Herman [GSN]
(1978-80); Weekly Syndication
-(11/21/1978) Andy Kaufman is a bachelor in the first round (GSN’s #9 show of all time) [GSN]

Deal or No Deal (Howie Mandel) (3 episodes)
2005-Present; NBC Primetime
-(12/19/2005) Episode #1 – 1st contestant: Karen Vann [OB-NBC]
-(12/20/2005) Episode #2 – 1st contestant: Jason Vittorini  [OB-NBC]
-(12/21/2005) Episode #3 – 1st contestant: Amy Ditbrenner [OB-NBC]

Deal or No Deal (Howie Mandel) (6 episodes)
2008-Present; Daily Syndication
-(9/8/2008) Contestant: Chloe (premiere) [OB-WATL]
-(9/8/2008) Contestant: Noble [OB-WXIA]
-(9/9/2008) Contestant: Jim [OB-WATL]

-(9/7/2009) Player is: Kristin Amagio (second season premiere) [OB-WATL]

-(12/3/2009) Player is: Susanna [OB-WATL]

-(2009) Player is: Kelly [OB-WATL]

The Diamond Head Game (Bob Eubanks) (1 episode)
-(1974) A Mediterranean Cruise is won [GSN]


Double Dare (Marc Summers) (4 episodes)
-(1986) Raiders vs. Mets [NICK] 
-(1986) Whippers vs. Pinheads (obstacle course completed, with 0 seconds left!) [GaS]
-(1987) Falcons vs. Sweathogs [GaS]
-(1988) Nuclear Puppies vs. Red Hots [GaS]

(Family) Double Dare (Marc Summers) (4 episodes)

-(1990) Sugar Babies vs. Quackers [GaS]
-(1992) Gangbusters vs. Amazons [GaS]
-(1992) High Rollers vs. Slime Stoppers (Tournament of Champs) [GaS]
-(1992) Red Lobsters vs. Blue Babes (Tournament of Champs) [GaS]

(Super Sloppy) Double Dare (Marc Summers) (1 episode)

-(1989) Messy Brain Busters vs. Brain Freaks (first episode) [GaS]

Double Dare 2000 (Jason Harris) (2 episodes)

-(2000) Old Blues vs. Hot Spots (obstacle course completed!) [GaS]
-(2000) Red Rockin’ Rollers vs. Blue Daba Dee [GaS] 
Double Talk (Henry Polic II) (3 episodes)

-(8/18/1986) Episode #1 - Betty White, Stuart Damon (premiere, $10k win!) [GSN]
-(8/19/1986) Episode #2 - Betty White, Stuart Damon (2 $10k wins!) [OB]
-(12/19/1986) Marcia Wallace & Jamie Farr (finale, VCR counter on upper right hand corner) [OC]