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This IS the $10,000 Pyramid! 

 Pyramid Collection! (782 episodes)


The $10,000 Pyramid (Dick Clark) (6 episodes)

-(6/1973) Kaye Ballard, Richard Deacon (fairness from the judges help make a $10,000 win) [OC]

-(11/6/1973) Barbara Feldon, John Schuck [GSN]

-(11/1973) Sandy Duncan, Edward Asner (2 eps, one with $10k win!) [GSN]

-(11/1973) Loretta Swit, McLean Stevenson, Anita Gillette, David Spielberg (2 episodes, these people are crazy!) [GSN]

-(6/27/1975) Clip of William Shatner playing the winner’s circle round solo [SM]


The $20,000 Pyramid (Dick Clark) (48 episodes)

-(2/1976) Loretta Swit, Clifton Davis ($20k win!, w/promo @ the beginning) [SM]

-(1976) Anne Meara, Nipsey Russell ($10k win) [OC]
-(8/1976) Tony Randall, Jo Anne Worley (“stuffings” episode, with slate) [SM]

-(9/12-13/1977) William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy (one ep. of this week, the winner’s circle with the chair incident, and the first two minutes of the day after the incident) [OB]

-(2-3/1978) Joyce Bulifant, Ron Glass [OC]

-(4/28/1978) Adrienne Barbeau, Soupy Sales [OC-WABC]

-(6/12/1978) Sandy Duncan, Nipsey Russell (features a bad case of ties) [GSN]

-(6/19-23/1978) Loretta Swit, Peter Bonerz (5 episodes, one features Mike Gilooly's $10k win!) [GSN]

-(6/26-30/1978) Elaine Joyce, Tony Randall (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(7/1978) Jamie Lee Curtis, George Maharis ($15k win!) [GSN]

-(7/1978) Lois Nettleton, Dick Cavett [OC]

-(7/1978) Debralee Scott, Sal Viscuso (2 episodes, one has a $10k win!) [GSN]

-(8/7/1978) Della Reese, Fred Grandy [GSN]

-(8/14-18/1978) Loretta Swit, Geoff Edwards (5 episodes, $20k win on one) [GSN]

-(9/4/1978) Rita Moreno, Robert Walden (taped 7/25/1978, has a promo for Laverne & Shirley at the end, two winner's circle wins!) [SM/OC]

-(12/11-15/1978) Anita Gilette, David Letterman (5 eps, one has $10k win, on episode 5, the NYC audience isn't too pleased to see David in a Dodgers jacket!) [GSN]

-(2/1979) Jo Anne Worley, David Letterman (2 eps, on the second, Jo Anne and David play the winner's circle together!) [GSN]

-(4/1979) Brianne Leary, Tony Danza (Marilu Henner stops by!) [GSN]

-(4/30/1979) Billy Crystal, Sal Viscuso (Monday episode; the record-breaking winner’s circle clip featuring Billy Crystal is shown) [GSN]

-(6/1979) Debralee Scott, and a "stoned" Peter Lawford [OC]

-(7/5/1979) Valerie Bertinelli, Robert Mandan [GSN]

-(8/22/1979) Didi Conn, Bart Braverman [GSN]

-(8/1979) Didi Conn, Bart Braverman (“famous losers” heartbreaker) [OC]

-(8/27/1979) Susan Lucci, Robert Walden [GSN]

-(8/1979) Susan Lucci, Robert Walden [OC]

-(9/12/1979) Terry Davis, Daryl Anderson (w/slate, taped 8/22/1979, PERFECT VQ!) [SM]

-(9/7/1979) Dick Cavett, Tony Randall (Dick and Tony play a special round together, Dick mentions Bandstand) [GSN]

-(6/27/1980) Lois Nettleton, Bill Cullen (finale), with slate ($10k win, also has "trick" Pyramid at the end, now with great VQ!) [SM]


Junior Partner Pyramid (Dick Clark) (7 episodes)

-(7/9-13/1979) Susan Richardson, Jimmy Baio (5 episodes) [GSN]

-(9/2/1979) Special: Tony Danza, Susan Richardson, Olivia Barash, Tammy Lauren, and a 15-year-old Rob Lowe [OC]

-(10/1/1979) Regular episode with weird circle amounts, with slate [SM]


The $25,000 Pyramid (Bill Cullen) (7 episodes)

-(1974) pitchfilm with Bill Cullen promoting nighttime $25,000 Pyramid; with $10,000 Pyramid clips! [SM]

-(1974) Anne Meara, Tony Roberts [SM]

-(3/1976) Gabriel Kaplan, Michele Lee [WLIG]**

-(3/4/1976) Michele Lee, Dick Clark (Dick can host AND play!) [WLIG]

-(1976) Vicki Lawrence, Robert Hegyes ($10,000 win!) [WLIG]

-(1978) Anita Gillette, John Ritter ($10,000 win!) [RPT]

-(1978) Sandy Duncan, Dick Cavett [OB]

-(2/1979) Lois Nettleton, Robert Urich [SM]


The $50,000 Pyramid (Dick Clark) (8 episodes)

-(1/26/1981) Sal Viscuso, Jo Anne Worley (premiere) [OB]

-(2/1981) Anita Gilette, Soupy Sales (A very CLOSE $5k win) [OB]

-(2/1981) Didi Conn, Brian Patrick Clarke [OC]

-(3/1981) Jo Anne Worley, Soupy Sales ($50,000 win!) [OC]

-(3/16/1981) Elaine Joyce, Tony Randall (What did you just say, Tony Randall?!) [OB]

-(5/1981) Anita Gilette, Grant Goodeve ($50,000 win!; Alan Kalter announces) [OC]

-(5/1981) Anita Gilette, Grant Goodeve (last taped episode; Alan Kalter announces) [OC]

-(5/1981) Didi Conn, Nipsey Russell (last aired episode; Alan Kalter announces) [OC]