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My Wants...

There's so much stuff I want still, it's not even freaking funny. So, here's the stuff that I really, REALLY want.. I'm a huge fan of old game shows, so there's stuff of my want list from the 1950's-90's (or even a few recent eps) that I'm definitely interested in... these are the real biggies... if you've got old game shows, please don't hesitate to contact me! I'll still trade with you if you dont have things on my specific list. Chances are it's probably something I want that's not listed here.

$20,000 Pyramid--ANY episodes besides the ones I have
-episode where GSN left in all the original ads
-Daytime Soap Stars charity week from May 1979
-Candice Earley, Grant Goodeve
-Monday-Thursday of finale week

$25,000 Pyramid--ANY episodes Clark or Cullen besides the ones I have
--Christmas Eve episode from 1984
-1985, 1986: Dick Clark shares Emmy awards
-episodes with the winner's circle clue cards or trilons falling out

$100,000 Pyramid---ANY episodes from the 1985-1986 season

Beat the Clock--- Jack Narz/Gene Wood/Monty Hall/Gary Kroeger; ANY eps that I don't have

Blankety Blank--- (UK Match Game) episodes with Wendy Richard on the panel

* Bill Cullen - any episodes I don’t have that aren’t shown at 75 mph at times like GSN currently does with it
* Bill Rafferty-- any eps with credits left in that I don't have

Card Sharks--- any eps with fee plugs/credits left in or partially full screen credits, ANY I don't have, ANY version except 2001
-1979: George vs. Arlene ($11,000 win)
-1979; Johnny from the second pilot is a contestant
-1979; episode with $19,200 win
-1979; 500th episode
-1980; cards are shown being shuffled
-1980; episode with contestant Karen Rockman from $100,000 Name that Tune
-1986 (Eubanks); first episode with car game
-1986 (Eubanks); episode that aired on GSN 3/15/07, a contestant plug was left in, which Lacey screwed up
-Perry episodes with Jack Narz and Jay Stewart announcing
-any episodes with Gene Wood making on-camera appearances
-any episodes where Johnny Gilbert announces w/full screen credits or with 5-figure Money Cards wins
The Dating Game
* 1967 - episode with Dionne Warwick
* 1979 - episode with Phil Hartman
Double Dare-- ANY from either Trebek's '76'-77 version, or Nickelodeon besides the ones I have

Double Talk-- ANY episodes besides the ones I have
Family Feud--
*Combs - any original broadcasts or CBS shows (which can be either OBs or GSN repeats)
*ANY eps of Family Feud Challenge I don't have
*Karn - episode that aired 5/29/2006 (Memorial Day)
* - any decent looking episodes I don't have, especially episodes with Betty White, Kim Fields, and cast members of Days of our Lives, Another World, and Search for Tomorrow
Headline Chasers-- ANY episodes
Hollywood Showdown- ANY eps I dont have with full or partially full screen credits
Hollywood Squares--
* 1979 - episode with Eight is Enough cast members
* 1987 - episode with Bob Barker
* 1999 - episode with Dick Clark
* 2002 - episodes with Ryan Seacrest
* 2002 - Mon-Wed eps of H2 with Reba McEntire as the center square

Hot Potato-- ANY episodes besides the ones I have

Hoosier Millionaire-- ANY episodes
I've Got A Secret--
* B/W era: episode with man blowing up the inner tube
* B/W era: Christmas episodes
* 1972: Jack Klugman is the guest
* 1972: Monty Hall is the guest
* 1972: Allen Ludden is the guest

Jackpot!-- Unsold pilot with Nipsey Russell, any from the 1980's that I don't have

* ANY 1980's or 1990-93 eps
* 1991 - Teen Tournament episode with contestant Jason Colby
* ANY Celebrity Jeopardy! eps I dont have
* 1997 - Pat Sajak hosting
* Rock'N'Roll celeb Jeopardy!: ANY eps
* episode from 5/23/2006: Game Show Categories in Double Jeopardy!
Make Me Laugh-- 1979-1980 episodes, or Comedy Central era eps
Match Game --
* '73 - Bobby Van, Elaine Joyce, CNR, BS, RD, Nanette Fabray (3 eps... turntable blooper, Batman & Robin, and the Friday episode)
* '76 - The first episode with Tom Poston
* '76 - Scoey Mitchell, BS, CNR, Debralee Scott, Richard Dawson, Joyce Bulifant.. the first episode to use the second SuperMatch cue music
* '79 - Gene enters on roller skates
* '91 - episode with Marjorie Goodson-Cutt

The Newylwed Game--- ANY eps from the classic era, eps from the other seasons that GSN isn't showing; and the one with the vibrator blooper

Password Plus---
* 1981 episode- the first one with the rule change
* ANY of the Ludden era that I don't have with either partial or complete full screen credits
* also any with sub-announcers or any other eps with partial or complete full screen credits
* any original broadcast eps I don't have

The Parent Game-- ANY episodes besides the one I have

Press Your Luck--1983 or 1986 episodes

The Price Is Right--- Does anyone have the first hourlong test show in decent quality?
*I'm also looking for the following:
-B/W era: Jack Clark, Merv Griffin subhosting
-B/W era: Bob Stewart makes an apperance
-episodes with Superball
-the first episode with Cliffhangers
-any Christmas themed episodes I don't have
-any other eps from 1972-1999
-the episode from 2006 with Tyra Banks
-episode from 5/29/2006 (Memorial Day), this apparently had the REAL closing credits at the end of the show
-I'll take any original airings, but especially any eps recorded from Indianapolis affiliate WISH-TV 8 that I don't have, or WAGA-TV 5 Atlanta when it was still a CBS station
Super Password-- Any eps with Bob Hilton announcing w/full screen credits, any original broadcasts

Tattletales--- any episodes I don’t have, but to be more specific:
*1975- Sammy Davis Jr., Hal Linden
*1976- Leslie Nielson
*1977- Robert Urich, Redd Foxx, Gene Rayburn
*1982- Premiere episode, Conrad Janis, Martin Mull, Norman Fell, Berlinda Tolbert, Roxie Roker & Franklin Cover, Melody Thomas, David Doyle, Frank Bonner, Telma Hopkins
*1983- Grant Aleksander, Helen & Gene Rayburn
*1984- Mothers & Daughters; Mothers & Sons, Meg Ryan, final week
To Tell The Truth--
* 1967 - Janice Pennington's husband is a subject in a game
* 1972 - Don Pardo announces
* 1973 - Gene Wood is a panelist
* 1978 - A young Anderson Cooper is an imposter
*any other Christmas episodes I don't have
Trivia Unwrapped-- ANY episodes
What's My Line? - from the syndicated 1968-75 run; ANY episodes; especially with Mystery Guests: Larry Blyden, Garry Moore, Mark Goodson, Bill Todman, Art Fleming, Paul Lynde, Johnny Olson, Chet Gould, Charles Nelson Reilly, Barbara Walters, Paul Lynde, and Dick Clark. Also the first and last episodes, and the episode with the pizza tossing demonstation.

Wheel of Fortune--- ANY eps from the 1980's or from 1990-93
-ANY episodes of Play Your Cards Right (UK), our version of Card Sharks
-ANY episodes of UK Blockbusters
-ANY episodes of UK Pyramid Game (either version), besides the one I have
-the episode of UK Weakest Link with Andy Roddick, or any UK WL eps for that matter
I've also got some other non game show wants as well. If anyone has any of the following:
*All My Children, classic episodes from the SoapNet marathon that aired in 2005
*any episodes of the NBC soap Another World, either before February 26. 1991 and/or after May 9, 1991, they can be original broadcasts or SoapNet reruns, it doesn't matter
*Bold and the Beautiful, any 1980's or 1990's episodes, the episode from 2002 where Bob Barker appeared, or the 2006 episodes with Betty White (save for the two episodes that SoapNet reaired). They can be original broadcasts or CBS repeats, it doesn't matter
*any episodes of the CBS/ABC soap The Edge of Night, it can either be OBs or USA reruns, it doesn't matter
*any episodes 1990's and back of Days of Our Lives
*1970's, 1980's, 1990's episodes of Guiding Light, it can either be OBs or CBS repeats, it doesnt matter, with the exception of the 1983 CBS rebroadcast, as I have that episode already
*One Life to Live, classic episodes with Judith Light, they can be original broadcasts or ABC reruns, it doesn't matter
*Ryan's Hope, any episodes after December 28, 1981, it can be SoapNet repeats or original ABC airings, it doesn't matter
*Good Morning America, 8:30 portion from January 10, 1989 (Helen Gallagher and Bernard Barrow of Ryan's Hope appear to talk about the show's finale)

*Santa Barbara, any episodes, but especially May 12, 1988 (Gina goes on Wheel of Fortune), can be original NBC airings or repeats, it doesn't matter

*any episodes of the British comedy May to December, which originally aired from 1989-94

The only things I'm definitely NOT interested in (no question) are poker and reality shows. (i.e. Survivor, Big Brother)