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Shows E-H

Every Second Counts (Bill Rafferty) (1 episode)

-(3/1985) Patti & Joe vs. Lisa & Paul vs. Rita & Royce (last second car win!) [OB]


Eye Guess (Bill Cullen) (1 episode)

-(1966) Contestants: Terry, Linda, Mildred, Bill [SM]


The Face Is Familiar (Jack Clark) (1 episode)

-(1966) Betsy Palmer, Bill Cullen (pilot episode) [SM]


The Family Game (Bob Barker) (1 episode)

-(1967) Welton vs. Hart vs. Guess [KIN-OC]


Faux Pause (1 episode)

-(1998) Double Talk, from ‘86 (blecccch!) [GSN]


Figure It Out (Summer Sanders) (1 episode)

-(1998) Taran Noah Smith, Amanda Bynes, Danny Tambavelli, Lori-Beth Denberg [GaS]


Finders Keepers (Wesley Eure) (2 episodes)

-(1987) Dan & Jill vs. Michelle & Derek [GaS]

-(1988) Alan & Elizabeth vs. Steve & Amy [GaS]


Finders Keepers (Larry Toffler) (1 episode)

-(1987) Juan & Esther vs. Diana & Francis [GaS]


Friend or Foe (Kennedy) (1 episode)

-(2002) Nichoel & Danny vs. Stephen & Carrie vs. Dana & Mat [GSN]


The Fun Factory (Bobby Van) (2 episodes)

-(1976) The Fun Word: Saturn [GSN]

-(1976) The Fun Word: Scorpio [GSN]


Gambit (Wink Martindale) (1 episode)

-(1974) Livingstons vs. Ferraros (Lucky couple in the bonus round!) [SM]


Get Rich Quick (Steve Edwards) (1 episode)

-(10/30/1977) Lynnie Green, John Ritter, Debralee Scott, Robert Urich (unsold pilot, Steve also hosted Good Day Live) [GSN]


Get the Message (Frank Buxton) (1 episode)

-(3/1964) Peggy Cass, Phyllis Newman, Orson Bean, Howard Keel [GSN]


Get the Message (Robert Q. Lewis) (1 episode)

-(12/25/1964) Arlene Francis, Barbara Cook, Joan Fontaine vs. Douglas Fairbanks Marty Ingles, Mitch Miller; Orson Bean, Julia Mees (Christmas Day show and finale) [GSN]


Get the Picture (Mike O’Malley) (4 episodes)

-(1991) Jessica & Scott vs. Mike & Danielle [GaS]

-(1991) Kathleen & Dan vs. Joelle & Steven [GaS]

-(1991) Linda & Paul vs. Jeannie & Casey [GaS]

-(1991) Chrissy & Damon vs. Tiffany & Adam [GaS]


Go! (Kevin O’Connell) (1 episode)

-(11/1983) Bonnie Urseth, Michael J. Fox [GSN]


The Gong Show (Chuck Barris) (7 episodes)

-(1976) Jamie Farr, Della Reese, Avery Schriber [GSN]

-(1977) Arte Johnson, Jaye P. Morgan, Allen Ludden (one act is censored entirely, thank God!) [GSN]

-(1977) Phyllis Diller, Jamie Farr, Jaye P. Morgan (episode with the popsicle twins!) [GSN]

-(1977) (Paul Reubens makes sound effects) [GSN]

-(1977) Steve Martin, Jaye P. Morgan, Arte Johnson (GSN’s #10 show of all time) [GSN]

-(1977) Jaye P. Morgan, Charlie Brill, Mitzi McCall (297th episode, but they are celebrating the 300th show early, Gene, Gene the dancing machine appears; Chuck is hit with a pie!) [GSN]

-(1977) Jaye P. Morgan, Arte Johnson, Anson Williams [GSN]


Greed: The Series (Chuck Woolery) (4 episodes)

-(1999) Dan Avila, Part 1 [GSN]

-(1999) Dan Avila, Part 2 [GSN]

-(1999) Michael, Kurt, Lori, Martin, Mary (Chuck announces that this is the first episode of the permanent series) [GSN]

-(2000) “Super Greed” - Kathi, Jon, Rachel, Dennis, John, Lisa (two cars are won, by sheer luck!) [GSN]


He Said, She Said (Joe Garagiola) (4 episodes)

-(1969) Gene and Helen Rayburn; three other civilian couples (black and white, pilot (?) this show is an early version of Tattletales) [GSN]

-(1970) Bert & Anne Convy, Hal Holbrook & Carol Rossen, Bob Zamfino & E.J. Peaker, Dick & Loretta Clark [GSN]

-(1970) Sally Field & Steve Craig, Nanette Fabray & Randy MacDougal, Joyce & Alejandro Rey, John & Jackie Davidson [GSN]

-(1970) another episode with Sally Field & Steve Craig, Nanette Fabray & Randy MacDougal, Joyce & Alejandro Rey, John & Jackie Davidson (w/slate; taped 4/20/1970, time code on top center, episode #168) [SM-OC]


High Rollers (Alex Trebek) (3 episodes)

-(3/27/1979) Candice vs. Pearl [OC]
-(12/31/1979) Jean vs. Donna [OC]

-(6/20/1980) Richard vs. Betty (finale, Alex is a little tipsy...) [OB]


History IQ (Marc Summers) (6 episodes)

-(2000) Bill vs. John vs. Frank [HIST]

-(2000) Richard vs. Bill vs. Kevin [HIST]

-(2000) John vs. Marc vs. Joe [HIST]

-(2000) Gerry vs. Richard vs. Christopher [HIST]

-(2000) MariaTeresa vs. Richard vs. David ($25,000 win!) [HIST]

-(2000) Richard vs. Susan vs. Brendan [HIST]


Hit Man (Peter Tomarken) (3 episodes)
-(1983) Ray vs. Marianne vs. Mel (Custer’s last stand, and American Bandstand) [OC]

-(1983) Diana vs. Marlin vs. Carol (Marlon Brando and Presidents, gay blooper) [OB]

-(4/1/1983) Maureen vs. Randy West vs. Janet (Forget it! contestant plug, finale) [OB]


The Hollywood Connection (Jim Lange) (1 episode)

-(1977) Meredith MacRae, Milton Berle, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Abe Vigoda, Pat Carroll, Nipsey Russell [GSN]


The Hollywood Game (Bob Goen) (1 episode)

-(7/10/1992) Kirk & Steve vs. Kimberly & Lily (unannounced finale) [OB]


Hollywood Showdown (Todd Newton) (5 episodes)

-(2000) Helaine @ Box Office (GSN's 47th game show of all time) [GSN]

-(1/3/2001) Contestants: Miki, Guy, Glenn, Connie, Ava, Mike (Miki wins $18,110 Box Office) [GSN]

-(2001) Contestants: Alex, Mike, Jackie, Glenn, Ava, Connie (Box Office starts at $10,250) [GSN]

-(2001) Contestants: Alex, Mike, Jackie, Glenn, Ava, Connie [GSN]

-(1/8/2001) Contestants: Guy, Mimi, Angela, Mike, Bob, Michael ($11,240 Box Office win, Monday Show) [GSN]


Hot Potato (Bill Cullen) (12 episodes)

-(1/1984) Moms To Be vs. Teachers (premiere) [GSN]

-(1984) Private Eyes vs. Paralegals [OC]

-(1984) Dentists vs. Air Traffic Controllers [OC]

-(1984) Little League Coaches @ Bonus Round [OC]

-(1984) Little League Coaches @ Bonus Round ($10,000 win!) [OC]

-(1984) 411 Operators vs. Reporters [GSN]

-(1984) 411 Operators vs. Bartenders [GSN]

-(1984) Waitresses @ Bonus Round ($20,000 win!) [GSN]

-(1984) Mothers of Twins vs. Telegram Singers [GSN]

-(1984) Telegram Singers vs. Redheads [GSN]

-(1984) Telegram Singers vs. Grocery Checkers [GSN]

-(5/31/84) "Celebrity Hot Potato" - Thursday ep.: The guys (Peter Billingsley, Matthew Laborteaux, & Philip McKeon) vs. The gals (Kim Fields, Missy Gold, & Dana Hill) [GSN]