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It's more than Password...

Password Collection! (1,104 episodes)


Now that I have numerous episodes of this show, I've split the listings, this way it won't take a long time to load one single page (and it also won't take forever for me to update them). Click here for Password Plus, and here for Super Password. Or you can use the navigation bar on the left.


(Allen Ludden, 103 episodes)

CBS Daytime (1961-67)


-(9/12/1966) Barbara Bain, Brian Keith (first color episode) [GSN/PW66-1]

-(9/13/1966) Bea Benederet, Eddie Albert [GSN/PW66-1]

-(9/14/1966) Nancy Culp, Frank Sutton [GSN/PW66-1]

-(9/15/1966) Donna Douglas, Steve Hill [GSN/PW66-1]

-(9/16/1966) Carol Wells, Bob Denver [GSN/PW66-1]

-(10/3-7/1966) Carol Burnett, Ross Martin (5 episodes) [GSN/(M)PW66-1,(T-F)PW66-2]

-(10/10-14/1966) Irene Ryan, Bob Crane (5 episodes, Donna Douglas plays on the first 2 eps) [GSN/(M)PW66-2,(T-F)PW66-3]

-(10/17-21/1966) Barbara Rush, John Forsythe (5 episodes) [GSN(M-T)PW66-3,(W-F)PW66-4]

-(10/24-28/1966) Barbara Eden, Peter Lawford (5 episodes) [GSN/PW66-4]

-(10/31, 11/1-4/1966) Carolyn Jones, Barry Sullivan (5 episodes) [GSN/PW66-4]

-(11/7/1966) Audrey Meadows, Jerry Lewis [GSN/PW66-4]

-(11/14-18/1966) Amanda Blake, Ray Bolger (5 episodes) [GSN/PW66-5]

-(11/23, 25/1966) Angie Dickinson, Frank Gorshin (2 episodes) [GSN/PW66-6]

-(11/28-30/1966) Nancy Ames, Jack Cassidy (3 episodes) [GSN/PW66-7]

-(12/5-6, 9/1966) Carol Burnett, Roger Smith (3 episodes) [GSN/PW66-7]

-(12/9/1966) Carol Burnett, Roger Smith (1 other episode) [GSN/PW66-8]

-(12/13-16/1966) Elizabeth Montgomery, Jim Backus (4 episodes) [GSN/PW66-8]

-(3/20/1967) Joan Fontaine, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. [GSN/PW66-8]

-(3/27-28, 31/1967) Chris Noel, Roger Smith (Armed Forces Week, 3 episodes) [GSN/PW66-8/PW67-1]

-(4/3/1967) Betty White, George Grizzard [GSN/PW66-8]

-(4/5-7/1967) Betty White, George Grizzard (3 more episodes, special “stars vs. civilians” game is played on the 5th!) [GSN/PW67-1]

-(4/10-14/1967) Arlene Francis, Larry Blyden (5 episodes) [GSN/PW67-1]

-(4/17/1967) Connie Stevens, Dick Shawn [GSN/PW67-2]

-(4/25-28/1967) Agnes Moorehead, Barry Nelson (4 episodes) [GSN/PW67-2]

-(5/1, 3-5/1967) June Lockhart, Ross Martin (4 episodes, Tournament of Champions) [GSN/PW67-2]

-(5/8-12/1967) Audrey Meadows, Bob Crane (5 episodes) [GSN/PW67-2/3]

-(5/15-16, 18/1967) Elizabeth Montgomery, Martin Landau [GSN/PW67-3]

-(5/22, 26/1967) Carol Burnett, Martin Landau (Tournament of Champions) [GSN/PW67-3]

-(5/29/1967) Donna Douglas, Jack Cassidy [GSN/PW67-3]

-(5/31-6/2/1967) Arlene Francis, Jack Cassidy [GSN/PW67-3]

-(6/5/1967) Eva Gabor, Hugh O’Brien [GSN/PW67-3]

-(6/6, 8-9/1967) Eva Gabor, Hugh O’Brien (3 more episodes) [GSN/PW67-4]

-(6/12-14, 16/1967) Betty White, Frank Gifford (4 episodes, “Eastern” Tournament of Champions) [GSN/PW67-4]

-(6/19/1967) Irene Ryan, Guy Williams (“Family Password” episode) [GSN/PW67-4]

-(6/26/1967) Joan Fontaine, Jack Jones [GSN/PW67-4]

-(7/4/1967) Paul Anka, Phyllis Newman [GSN]

-(7/14/1967) Rose Marie, Alan King [GSN/PW67-5]

-(7/17-19, 21/1967) Florence Henderson, Jack Carter (4 episodes) [GSN/PW67-5]

-(7/25-26, 28/1967) Betsy Palmer, Joel Grey (3 episodes) [GSN/PW67-5]

-(7/31/-8/3/1967) Marty Allen, Steve Rossi (5 episodes) [GSN/PW67-5/6]

-(8/22-23, 25/1967) Arlene Francis, Skitch Henderson (3 episodes) [GSN/PW67-6]

-(9/12-15/1967) Betty White, Frank Gifford (from the final week) [GSN/PW67-6]

-(9/22/1967) Lucille Ball, Gary Morton (Desi Arnaz Jr. and Lucie Arnaz play!) [KIN-OC]

-(9/23/1967) Lucille Ball, Gary Morton [KIN-OC]

-(9/1967) Betty White, Frank Gifford (from the last week) [GSN]

CBS Nighttime (1962-1967)

Black & White:

-(1/2/1962) Carol Burnett, Garry Moore (primetime premiere) [GSN]

-(1/9/1962) Dick Van Dyke, Betsy Palmer (Dick mentions his show’s new time) [GSN]

-(1/23/1962) Johnny Carson, Pat Carroll [GSN]

-(1/30/1962) Dorothy Collins, Bill Cullen [GSN]

-(2/13/1962) Arlene Francis, Shelley Berman [GSN]

-(3/13/1962) Darren McGavin, Carol Burnett [GSN]

-(3/27/1962) Jane Fonda, James Mason [KIN-OC]

-(4/24/1962) Carroll Baker, Bennett Cerf [GSN]

-(6/12/1962) Audrey Meadows, Sam Levinson [GSN]

-(6/19/1962) Carol Burnett, Garry Moore [GSN]

-(7/3/1962) Arlene Francis, Merv Griffin [GSN]

-(7/10/1962) Anne Bancroft, Robert Goulet [GSN]

-(7/31/1962) Florence Henderson, Buddy Hackett (first two minutes missing) [GSN]

-(9/4/1962) Joan Fountaine, Jack Carter [GSN]

-(9/16/1962) Marjorie Lord, Danny Thomas (new set!!) [GSN]

-(10/7/1962) Peggy Cass, Anthony Perkins [GSN]

-(11/28/1962) Carol Lawrence, Robert Goulet [GSN]

-(12/30/1962) Carol Burnett, Orson Bean (New Year's) [GSN]

-(1/27/1963) Lena Horne, Mitch Miller [GSN]

-(2/3/1963) Dorothy Loudon, Garry Moore [GSN]

-(2/10/1963) Betsy Palmer, Buddy Hackett [GSN]

-(2/17/1963) Betty White, Shelley Berman [GSN]

-(2/24/1963) Nanette Fabray, Douglas Fairbanks [GSN]

-(3/10/1963) Jane Fonda, Bill Cullen [GSN]

-(5/13/1963) Olivia deHavilland, Anthony Perkins [GSN]

-(6/17/1963) Tony Randall, Florence Henderson [GSN]

-(6/24/1963) Betty White, Jack Paar (Betty & Allen’s first show as a married couple) [GSN]

-(7/15/1963) Betsy Palmer, E.G. Marshall (last episode with the original theme) [GSN]

-(8/12/1963) Nanette Fabray, Robert Stack [GSN]

-(9/26/1963) Lucille Ball, Gary Morton (The Lucy Show Mentioned) [GSN]

-(10/2/1963) Edie Adams, Robert Stack [GSN]

-(5/14/1964) Gloria Stewart, Jimmy Stewart [GSN]

-(8/20/1964) Eydie Gorme, Bob Newhart [GSN]

-(2/11/1965) Lauren Bacall, Jack Palance (Gene Wood announces!) [GSN]

-(3/4/1965) Carol Channing, Tony Randall (Gene Wood announces!) [GSN]

-(3/18/1965) Inga Swenson, James Mason [GSN]

-(7/8/1965) Nancy Sinatra, Woody Allen [GSN]


-(2/5/1967) Shelley Winters, Barry Nelson [GSN]

-(3/19/1967) Polly Bergen, Tony Randall [GSN]

-(4/17/1967) Carol Burnett, Alan King [GSN]

ABC Daytime (1971-75)

-(12/7/1971) Brett Somers, Jack Klugman (recently discovered episode from the era of the octangular orange set!!) [GSN]

-(6/27/1975) Kate Jackson, Sam Melville (finale, has a ‘Showoffs’ promo, also Betty White, Mark Goodson, and other staff members appear, including later ‘Feud’ producer Howard Felsher) [SM]


(Jack Clark, 3 episodes)

-(8/7/1962 CBS Nighttime) Carol Lawrence, Barry Nelson [GSN]

-(8/14/1962 CBS Nighttime) Dina Merrill, Darren McGavin [GSN]

-(8/21/1962 CBS Nighttime) Rita Moreno, Bill Cullen [GSN]


Password All-Stars (Allen Ludden) (1 episode)

-(2/21/1975) Richard Dawson, Bill Bixby, Hal Linden, Betty White (Grand Master Tournament Show Finale) [SM]


Million Dollar Password (Regis Philbin) (8 episodes)
-(6/1/2008) Rachael Ray, Neil Patrick Harris [OB-WGCL/MDP-1]
-(6/8/2008) Rosie O'Donnell, Tony Hawk [OB-WGCL/MDP-1]
-(6/12/2008) Betty White, Susie Essman [OB-WGCL/MDP-1]
-(6/22/2008) Shanna Moakler, Steven Weber [OB-WGCL/MDP-2] 

-(12/18/2008) Aisha Tyler, William Shatner [OB-WGCL/MDP-2]

-(12/21/2008) Julie Chen, Phil Keoghan [OB-WGCL/MDP-2]

-(12/28/2008) Betty White, Adam Corolla (a clip of Betty on the original Password is shown!) [OB-WGCL/MDP-2]

-(1/4/2009) Serena Williams, Craig Ferguson [OB-WGCL/MDP-3]